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  1. My STEP project fell under the internship category. I spent ten weeks this summer interning for Abercrombie & Fitch at their home office in New Albany, Ohio as a Business Analyst Intern.
  2. Working on my STEP project this summer as an intern I learned a lot about myself.Given the classes I had taken over the years at OSU I felt that I had a good understanding of the business world. What I didn’t know was how much experience I would be gaining through on-site experience. My assumptions changed when I saw how much I grew both personally and professionally. I was able to foster new relationships and gain insight to the business world. Ultimately, I was able to see how my major would fit into my daily life and how I needed to adapt to the new lifestyle it provided.
  3. Something that really affected me this summer during my project was the actually working part of it. I realized the biggest adjustment I had to make was tailoring my life to include the working day.  Throughout school I had been used to making my own schedule and thus, my own hours with as many breaks in between as I needed.  I found that adjusting my body to the 9-hour workday was a hard one but one that I figured out along the way.  Help from my supervisor and mentor and lots of cups of coffee definitely allowed me to complete this part of my growth.  It also helped me critically think about the business work week and whether or not it would be something I would want to permanently adopt in my future.The second critical aspect of my internship was the professional growth I was gaining. I was learning how to apply what I learned in the classroom to the field.  This was the first time I was able to experience the business world as a whole and how all the different parts and pieces intertwined together.  With the help of my supervisor, I was able to connect my studies to my work, meetings to reports, and facts to decisions. By the end of my ten weeks I had learned the company lingo, how to analyze their business, and how to present my findings in a concise and logical way in order to provide the foundation to leadership to make higher-level decisions.The last aspect of my project that was critical to my future was the work that I was doing.  This internship was especially unique in that what I was doing on the job did not necessarily correlate with my marketing major.  That’s not to say my business classes had not prepared me for the work, because they definitely had, but I found myself analyzing information and numbers a lot more than I had found myself doing actual marketing.  I appreciated the work I was doing, and definitely felt I was valued, but I was missing something, and that thing was the integration of marketing and creating relationships with the consumer.
  4. Granted I know this was only an internship, and it was a business analyst internship and not a marketing one, but it definitely allowed me to look critically at my life and future. From this experience I was able to determine what I liked about the job and what I didn’t. Essentially, I was able to see if this route is the right route for me going forward. All in all, I concluded that I still have a passion for business, and I will continue to pursue that passion, but I still have more searching to do in order to find the role that best suits my skills and me needs.  Through STEP, this project allowed me to critically look at my life and make sure I am making the best possible decision for my future.  In the end, I can use this information I gained from this experience as a guideline to how I finish my final year here at Ohio State.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your reflections on this internship. Enjoy your year at OSU, utilizing the skills that you learned.

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