STEP Reflection – Lacrosse Internship

STEP Reflection

Tony Kim.6058

1. I spent the summer of 2017 working with various lacrosse industries; the Ohio State Men’s Lacrosse team and the Millon Lacrosse Camp. As a student manager of the Buckeye Men’s Lacrosse team, I worked with the team personnel during the practices setting up and tearing down and during the games working on films and other necessary tasks. As a social media director of Millon Lacrosse Camp Ohio, I took professional photos during the camp and made a short promotional video for the camp.

2. Prior to working with such a professional-leveled lacrosse team, I was unsure of what I really wanted in the lacrosse field. I just had a vague passion about lacrosse, wanting to work in lacrosse field without any specific plans or knowledge about the industry. Working with the team as a student manager and working with other lacrosse industry as a social media director, I was able to broaden my knowledge and deepen my understanding about how various lacrosse industries work.

3. All the events with the lacrosse team, practices, home games, away games, and camps also, and all the interactions with the squad and the coaching staffs and other personnel in this industry helped me a lot to discover what I truly want to become in this lacrosse field. The summer with the lacrosse team allowed me to narrow down the options I could focus on in this broad industry.
Working as a student manager of a college lacrosse team, I was able to learn about how the program runs, what responsibilities each role in the team has, what abilities are required in order to be a successful team, and what it is like to work with a college athletic team. The men’s lacrosse team had 16 wins total in the 2017 season, reaching the Final Four for the first time in the program’s history and competing in the National Championship game at the Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Closely experiencing college lacrosse by the side, I eliminated all the other options and decided to work in college lacrosse industry in the days to come. Filming the practices, filming the games, working with technology during games, studying lacrosse during team film sessions, working on the sideline during the games and all the moments with the team are so irreplaceable which is why I want to work with college lacrosse teams afterwards.
After the seasons over, the lacrosse team hosted various camps for the youngsters to learn and to enjoy the sport of lacrosse. As a student manager, I also participated as a staff for all the camps, working closely with the staffs and the players of the team. Working closely with youth lacrosse players, teaching them how to throw properly, how to catch properly, how to defense properly, and how to play lacrosse well, I found out the passion of coaching lacrosse in myself. At a Buckeye Top 200 camp, I coached the white team for the All-Star game and won a first W as a coach at the Shoe. Even though it was just a game at a camp, it was my first experience coaching a team and leading them to win. Interacting with the coaches and young players, I felt the fierce passion of coaching in myself.

4. All the experiences and the transitions throughout the STEP project are really valuable for my life since I was able to eliminate some options and find what I really want and should be focusing on. These changes will affect on how I choose what classes to take since I am majoring in Sport Industry and I can create my own minor. Moreover, the changes will affect on how much time I spend on lacrosse, whether it is studying the sports of lacrosse or actually playing lacrosse or studying coaching.

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