Worthington Industries Internship

This past summer I interned at Worthington Industries. I was part of a continuous improvement team focused on the Steel division of their business. I worked closely with multiple departments both at corporate headquarters and at a few steel plants to help improve their processes. This involved multiple Kaizen events and projects, as well as managing for daily improvements.

My internship was an amazing learning experience for me. The work that I did not only closely aligned with my personal values, but also expanded my knowledge more than I could have imagined, and set me up to be even more successful in my final two years of college. To gain a feel for the business world while still in college is almost invaluable. I left my internship with a better understanding of how I can find a niche in a company, and how what you do can impact your career.

I think the most important aspect of my internship being a success was the company I was with and my managers. The two managers I had over the summer were high achieving individuals and their main goal for my internship was for it to be a great learning experience. My personality meshed well with this, because by being able to digest information quickly allowed me to continue to seek more learning opportunities and get involved in additional side assignments and projects. Worthington is also a great company that puts people first, so it was a great environment to work in.

Over the course of my internship I got exposure to a number of different facets of the business, including sales, marketing, quality, production, and S&OP. This was important because I got to see many parts of the business, and being adaptable was key to my role. Understanding some of these processes gave me a good base of knowledge to build on in my future classes, and make learning certain concepts easier because I already have experience with them. I even got to play a significant role in an operations kaizen at one of their plants. I attached a picture of the result of some of our efforts during that kaizen rearranging a work station and performing 6S.

Another key aspect was building relationships with many individuals over the course of my summer. I was very pleased with the availability and exposure to leadership within the organization. I want to get into business management, and there is almost no better opportunity than being able to pick the brain of someone who runs a multi-billion dollar company. I think the quality of relationships I was able to build with both co-workers and leadership speaks to the type of people that work there as well as the company’s business model. They definitely impacted me and my experience, and I gained a lot that will be useful to me in my career.

The personal and professional development I got out of my internship was very beneficial and will help me achieve my goals. As a result of my project I got functional knowledge, professional relationships, and a better understanding of myself and what I can/want to do. It already has had a positive impact on my academic success. I decided not to continue with the company part-time, but I have the option to go back and most likely have a job upon graduation. I consider my project a success, and am grateful for the opportunity to have had a significant internship.

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