STEP Internship Reflection

Name: Sneha Rajagopal

Type of Project: Internship

This summer, I worked as an intern in the Installation team of Intelligrated, a Honeywell company that produces material handling automation solutions. Throughout my internship, I time studied the installation of conveyor systems, organized large data spreadsheets, and analyzed data to report the performance of the company.

This internship provided me with an in-depth experience into the field of industrial engineering. Not only did I work in a corporate setting where I gained numerous skills, namely data analysis, which will be applicable to my future careers, but I was also given the opportunity to work in the field to witness first-hand where the data was coming from. If I had worked in an internship which consisted of purely office work, I would not have had the same experience as I did while working at Intelligrated. Through this company, I was sent to an Amazon warehouse construction site to study and collect data on the installation of conveyor systems. At these sites, the engineers and interns must be very polite to the installers while watching the processes, as it is easy to come off as intruding upon their work. I learned that I was to be fully aware of my presence in their space to ensure that they felt most comfortable with people overseeing their work.

In the office, I developed advanced Microsoft Excel skills and analyzed the results of the data to develop solutions to better the systems of work occurring on the job sites. Since this was my first job, working with adults and others my age in an office setting was something I had to adapt to quickly. I soon learned how to be professional amongst my colleagues and supervisors. Working in this atmosphere helped me to gain confidence in other business settings, including interviews and presentations.

As an intern, I was under the guidance of two industrial engineers. These supervisors were great mentors to the other interns and myself, and treated us as actual employees of Intelligrated. In order to create the most fulfilling work experience for all of the interns, they aimed to show us every aspect of the company in detail. One of the events they planned for us was a tour of one of the company’s manufacturing plants, where all the parts that make up the conveyor systems are made.

Although the visit to the plant was extremely insightful and helped me to comprehend the vastness of the company, I concluded that I would not enjoy working in that part of the business. Personally, the manufacturing process appeared to be somewhat monotonous, and I had a greater interest in the output of products and how to improve the systems.

Another significant part of my internship that had an impact on my transformation was the work environment. The setting in which we work and the people who we work with make up a large part of people’s job experience. Throughout the course of the internship, I sat in meetings with high-up employees of the company, worked alongside my supervisor on spreadsheets, and completed work on my own. After analyzing these three distinct settings, I realized that I most enjoy working with others. Out of all engineering majors and careers, industrial engineering most focuses on teamwork and working with others to brainstorm and problem solve. I am thankful that this internship gave me confidence that I will appreciate working in this field, as I will always be a part of a team, working together to come up with solutions.

This transformation is extremely significant to my life as I begin my final two years of college. My internship at Intelligrated taught me how to interact professionally with all types of people, and more importantly, this valuable experience made me realize what I would and would not be happy with in a life-long career. The engineering workforce is a very competitive one and most jobs in the field of industrial engineering would provide me with an incredible opportunity to apply my skills and live comfortably. However, I would not want to settle on an option that I am not satisfied with. This internship, through which I grew as an employee, a teammate, and a person, helped me to focus my interests in an attempt to eventually select the most suitable choice for me.

One thought on “STEP Internship Reflection

  1. Wow, it seems as if you were provided important tasks in the day to day production of the company. Learning about data analysis and how this is used to improve production is a valuable lesson to take with you for future internships/employment opportunities.

    I am glad to see that you were able to be mentored in this internship and to be treated as full employees. Keeping connections with these mentors will be beneficial in the future.

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