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My STEP project was an internship with a Veterinarian. This opportunity allowed me to be able to travel out to a very well-known clinic and learn so many new skills. I was eventually promoted from an intern to an actual employee, which gave myself more responsibilities.I realized during my STEP project that it was not all about the face to face contact with the owners. It was truly an all around experience that involved so many people to make things work.
I developed many of my skills that I was not as strong in during this experience, these were interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism, and how to maintain my composure throughout a tough case. I learned that I did not always have to be the tough one in a situation and that sometimes people need someone to be emotional along with them to make them feel more at ease in times of pain. My self-awareness grew immensely during this experience as well.
I had to develop relationships with clients, co-workers, and the patients all while maintaining a professional atmosphere. This was hard for me in the beginning, because I would know some of the people I worked with very well, and it would blur my vocabulary at some moments. At the end of my internship, I was able to have turned on my professionalism while in the workplace, and be able to turn it off when it was needed.
I was able to find the moments to turn off my friendly conversations and the moments to turn them on. I really enjoyed the moments that I was able to develop my communication skills. This came with speaking with clientele during appointments and phone calls. I used to be quite hesitant during these situations, but now with the experience I have gained, I am more outspoken and willing to speak to others first. I speak with more confidence in my voice whereas I used to be quiet and reserved. I also enjoy having the chance to network during my experience, there would be relief Veterinarians that would come in during busy weeks and I would speak to them. During this experience I was able to get the veterinary perspective from over 5 Veterinarians. This allowed me to better understand what I was setting my life goals to be.
I was aspiring to be something that not many people get to be, and that many do not get into the program their first try. I at first found this discouraging, but in the end with the relationships that I have made it allowed me to keep in contact with many of those who can offer advice during my time of application and denial or acception.
This experience shaped me into a person that is more willing to communicate, a professional speaker, and one that still holds their same aspirations. This was valuable to me because it allowed me to see in a diffferent lens almost everyday about the profession I someday wish to become a part of. This made it possible for me to make the connections I did and allowed me to develop skills I was lacking. It was well worth all of the effort put into achieving what I have today.

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  1. Wow, that is great to see that you were promoted during your time from an intern to an employee! Empathy through a situation can help your clients feel as if you are truly understanding and are there to help.

    I hope you are able to keep the connections in which you made and best of luck in your future endeavors!

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