STEP Reflection

I did an internship in Sydney, Australia for 8 weeks through Fisher College of Business. I worked at BIS Oxford Economics where I did research and analysis during the week and traveling around the Australia and New Zealand on weekends.

I learned a lot about myself while being in Sydney, Australia. I believed I would struggle working in a company abroad. I thought I was going to struggle adapting to a different culture and the work environment. At work, everyone was nice. My co-workers took interest in my life and work that helped me make connections like I would do in the States. They made my livings easier in Australia and I gained lot of confidence in adapting to a new place.

I have experienced more of the world by traveling around Australia and New Zealand. I was also really surprised how people in both countries knew about U.S’s culture and current events. Not only they cared about Australia and New Zealand, they also had interest in other countries as well.

Before doing this internship at BIS Oxford Economies, I never really had work experience. I was nervous on first day with no prior experience working in an office. My co-workers helped me get through and helped me whenever I needed help. The project I did help me learn more about Australian Economics. They help me understand every little detail that I had done during my internship. I learned many things in this internship that will help me in future.

I learned lot about Australian and New Zealand cultures from my co-workers. They would tell me things that I would not know. Surprisingly, they also knew more about American politics more than I knew about Australian politics. They knew what was going on around the world than many Americans do.

After Australia and New Zealand being a successful trip, I have decided to travel around every year. My goal is to go to a new country every year, even after I get a full-time job. I went New Zealand and Brisbane, Australia by  myself and made both of them a successful trip. I had planned both trips and that has inspired me to travel around the world, even if it is just by myself.

Having worked in a different country, I have really gained confidence for my future. My future will require me to travel all around places. Personally, I now feel confident enough to travel anywhere alone. This will help me build relationships with clients as well as learning a new culture. At work, I learned my strengths and weaknesses and I will be looking to improving my weaknesses at my next internship. Not many people can say that they were able to do an internship in another country across the world for eight weeks.




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