STEP Signature Project Reflection


  1. Please provide a brief description of your STEP Signature Project. Write two or three sentences describing the main activities your STEP Signature Project entailed.

I participated in an internship as STEP Signature Project. I worked in a Financial Company, assisting the company with some projects, such as the portfolio research, database management and worksheet development.

  1. What about your understanding of yourself, your assumptions, or your view of the world changed/transformed while completing your STEP Signature Project? Write one or two paragraphs to describe the change or transformation that took place.

I think my STEP Signature Project is meaningful and interesting. As my expectation, I had a better understanding about my major. I knew more about how Finance major functions in the market and how the knowledge of Finance applies to actual life. My view of the Financial world was shaped. I understand that there are tons of things that I need to learn. This project influenced me a lot. It is a transition to me from learning in class to practical application and from a student to an employee.

  1. What events, interactions, relationships, or activities during your STEP Signature Project led to the change/transformation that you discussed in #2, and how did those affect you? Write three or four paragraphs describing the key aspects of your experiences completing your STEP Signature Project that led to this change/transformation.

Taking with colleague and manager contributes to deeper understandings of Finance world. My manager and colleagues are experienced. They told me about the company, the field and their experiences. They taught me how to get through stuffs when I was confused. I learned that there are various paths to work in Finance field that I can choose. Talking to other interns also helps me to learn.

The projects I did helps me know about how Finance functions in the market. I worked for a Financial Advisor Company, thus I had the opportunities to learn about working as a financial advisor, which is one of the pathway to work in Finance area. I knew about what each project did and how to smoothly walk through those projects. Even though they are basic, I can still learned.

The whole Signature project made me understand that there were many things that I was supposed to know but did not know. In the past, I only knew that I should learn more but did not have the actual direction, which I have after the Signature project.

  1. Why is this change/transformation significant or valuable for your life? Write one or two paragraphs discussing why this change or development matters and/or relates to your academic, personal, and/or professional goals and future plans.

After the Signature project, I have a better understanding about applying the knowledge to actual life, which is a big progress to me. In addition, I have a clearer direction in studying as well as working in Finance field. Having a clear goal is important all the time.

At the meantime, I got the chance to learn more about American cultures, because I work for the company in Chicago. I got the chance to experience interesting things in Chicago and meet lovely people. This is what I am always trying to do. It is significant to me.

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