STEP Reflection

Big Ben & London Eye

I interned for BritishAmerican Business in London through the Fisher Summer Global Internship program. I was fully integrated into the Policy team and helped with research, communication, and publication design development. My final project was an analysis piece on the American Perception of Brexit, as it occurred during my time there, which was published on their website.

A lot of things, both personal and professional, were affected by this STEP Signature Project. Going into a workplace setting wasn’t the most comfortable, especially into a small team with a lot of hands on work. Immediately, I was involved in projects, I ran the Twitter account, and I took part in meetings with business executives and government officials. I definitely grew more confident in representing myself and the company at events and panels that I attended on their behalf. I participated and contributed during conference calls, and I was more confident when speaking with colleagues and officials over the phone as well. One of the biggest compliments that my supervisor gave me on a feedback form was that I had the ability to command a room, and that I just needed to always have the confidence that I could rightfully do so. Being in such a professional setting for two months helped with my confidence a lot and I was able to be more confident personally and professionally. I wasn’t really treated like an intern during my time with BritishAmerican Business, and because they put so much faith in me to deliver what was asked made a huge difference to my confidence and allowed me to grow so much more.

Similarly, my view of the world has changed drastically. Living in London for two months gave me a lot more of a worldly perspective. I worked for a company that is greatly invested on the UK’s spot in the EU, and being there in a politically revolutionary time made all the difference in the world. I was able to research and see reactions to both sides of the vote and see first-hand the effect on the citizens of the country and the businesses as well. I was also able to travel on the weekends, so I was able to see and experience other countries and other cultures.

There were numerous events, interactions, relationships, and activities that shaped by change/transformation throughout my internship. BritishAmerican Business hosted a lot of networking events with their member companies, and as an intern, I was able to attend all of these events and partake in the events. I met and networked with business executives from UK Trade and Investment, Deloitte, UK Government, EY, and many more companies. I became more confident with my networking abilities over this time.

I was also able to make connections with many of importance within BritishAmerican Business. I worked with the CEO and connected with the newly elected Chairman of their board. I also worked closely with their Director of Policy and Trade as my supervisor, and he has become a reference for me. We have developed a great relationship over the past two months, and look forward to staying in touch in the future. All of these relationships and interactions have affected me greatly because they have made me more confident in my professional aspirations and ability to communicate.

The most important aspect of this experience was the work that I was able to do while in London. BritishAmerican Business made me a full member of their team, giving me ample responsibilities and tasks that really made a difference for them and for me as well. I wrote monthly updates for their member companies, participated in conference calls, attended panels, designed publication materials, drafted a press release, researched, and wrote an analysis piece during my time there. This affected me so much because I have been published internationally, and I have so much more confidence in my writing, research abilities, and knowledge in international relations and topics.

This change/transformation has had a significant impact on my life. My co-workers became good friends that I will continue to be in contact with. Professionally, I have published work that I can refer to on my resume as well as references. I plan on going into a professional field similar to my internship, so the relevant experience is really important to have. Honestly, I can’t be more grateful for this opportunity because I got to go and live in my new favorite city in the world, work with amazing people who gave me so many opportunities, and I got to travel and explore Europe for the summer.