STEP Reflection

STEP Reflection


For my STEP Project, I used my funds in an educational format while developing my career through an internship. The funds were used for housing in an area away from home, groceries, a leadership development conference, and professional attire for the internship. The STEP funds allotted gave me the unique ability to take part in an export internship where I worked for Zephyr Solutions, LLC, a small company looking to expand the business on a global scale.

While completing my internship and STEP project, I believe I changed a little bit. I think I gained an understanding of myself through living in a completely new environment with really no close friends to be around during the week. Not that it was a bad thing; it was just greatly different because I had never spent a prolonged amount of time away from home. I did fun things on my own or with new friends I had made in the Cleveland area. It was a summer of hard work, and working more on myself compared to my relationships with others. I lost weight at a local gym, lived healthier, and did some things for myself like reading books in the park and playing golf early in the morning with a nice cup of coffee on my lonesome. My view of the world changed in the way that I knew wherever I ended up, I was going to make the most of it. It was essential to have as much fun as I could wherever I may end up later in life.

I met some amazing people in Cleveland this summer during my internship and project. Through my internship, I met a great deal of people in the Shipping and Logistics fields of business that I was able to create a relationship that could eventually lead to a job after college. One of these people actually has become one of my mentors as I gain experience in the Logistics realm of business. As a Freight Forwarder, my mentor, Mark Vinesky, has shipped and dealt with freight all over the globe. His expertise in exporting and importing goods gives me a great chance to suck up all the knowledge I can from him. He has become a great friend and mentor, and I would not have such a relationship with him if it were not for STEP.

Another great individual I met through the program was Mr. Tom Mitchell. As my STEP mentor, he provided me with many opportunities to network, give advice about my major and career path, brainstorm ideas for the project, and help with anything I needed for the program. Tom even went the extra steps to helping me in the future, offering that I use him on resumes as a reference and even to stay in touch with my life after I graduate. It is hard to really communicate how important it was to hold a relationship with a professor at The Ohio State University. I think that in general, a professor’s want for his/her students to succeed is lost in the difficulty of creating a relationship with the vast student population that each professor is designated. Nonetheless, it should be noted that the majority of professors do care about your well-being and want to help you throughout your time here at OSU.

The last relationship and one of my big, new experiences of the summer was with the sweetest lady that not only allowed me to rent a room from her, but gave me a relationship with her family that I will always cherish. Thank you to Ms. Siobhan O’Donnell for letting me into your home and for being such a good friend this summer and for years to come. She was an international flight attendant so I had responsibility of the house for much Rent in Cleveland was not cheap, so I was fortunate to find Siobhan through a member of my work place with so little time before the summer! I paid for my Columbus rent with the STEP Project while using the other money for groceries, leadership opportunities, and professional attire in Cleveland.

All of these relationships and interactions allowed me to grow individually as well as make friends with people that wanted to help me as much as they could where they could. They were not in any way overbearing, and let me go my own path for much of the project and much of the summer. It was beneficial to me in so much more than just helping me with expenses. I was able to grow as a person through all of these people and what they did for me, and will always be grateful for this.

I believe the transformation and changes I experienced through this project will give me the clarity going forward to make the most of my opportunities and decisions regarding those opportunities. And that matters. It matters in an academic sense because it makes me believe in my career path and understand that knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life is a rarity in the college years. Following the paths I have is now something I believe in because of my transformation. Personally and professionally, it says much the same. I think this summer gave me the opportunity to not listen the buzz around me. I grew from the experience of being away from family and friends by making new friends and focusing on myself in health and optimistic mentality. I have the STEP program to thank for this fantastic adventure, and I will always remember how much it gave me in the form of growth and change in myself. Thank you!