Internship at Rysta in Munich, Germany

I traveled to Munich, Germany to intern at a startup company there. I was a marketing intern and helped to jumpstart their marketing activities, and I bettered my German along the way.

I’d say one way I was transformed was seeing first hand how a startup works, since I’ve never worked or interned at a startup before. It operates slightly differently than a normal business, and I think it was good for me to see the amount of work that goes into a startup and how they try and get themselves on the map. A large majority of the way a startup gets on the map is through marketing, and that is the field I’ll be going into after graduation. My internship also showed me what a real job and work schedule would be like, with working 9-5. So my view of the working world and how intense it is has definitely prepared me for what to expect in the future.

Speaking German and hearing my co-workers speak German with one another and switching to English with ease as a common ground language with other people (businesspeople from Arabic countries, France, Russia, etc) really showed me how important international business has become, and that the intensity of this will continue to grow as I enter the marketing and business field and mature in it. Soon everyone will need to know how to interact correctly with people from other countries, and know how to work together.

This fact that the world is getting smaller showed me that businesses and people are working together across oceans to get things done. I saw my co-workers video chat other co-workers who worked at home or in Berlin, hours away from the city of Munich. Business is also becoming more flexible because of this need for global business, and I know that I will have to adapt to it. Though I prefer to speak with someone face to face and in person, my internship showed me that logistically this is not always possible. Even though it may be difficult, there is a good chance I will be working with people through email, Google docs, and video chats.

I’m glad that my internship gave me a preview of how it is working with many different people from different backgrounds, native languages, and physical locations. My need to be able to be flexible when it comes to work will be paramount to adjusting to working in the business field.

This realization is very important for the future and success of my career because it will determine whether I am able to adjust to working in a flexible environment such as the one at my internship. If I want to be successful at my job and rise in the ranks, which I do, I will need first to know how flexible a global working environment can be, and then apply that knowledge to my actual work. With my experience at Rysta, I got to apply and begin to develop this skill.