Interning at Rockwell Automation

My STEP project was my finance internship at Rockwell Automation this summer. My internship consisted of 3 projects that I had to complete over the course of the summer. My biggest project was to reconcile the CVB business unit’s cost centers as there were discrepancies in between their work location and cost center location. During my internship I got to do other fun activities such as taking a cruise trip on the Cuyahoga river in Cleveland OH.

I’d say that as a result of this internship, I gained more insight on what the corporate world is since I was able to experience different aspects of it. That is, I was able to make great connections with different business professionals at my location in Mayfield Heights, OH which is pretty valuable because now those people are part of my network. In addition, I was able to greatly improve on my communication skills as well as my excel skills which is something that I am really proud of. On the personal development side, I was able to experience what it’s like to live alone and be responsible for a lot the everyday things such as paying bills. grocery shopping, cooking etc which is also good to be comfortable with early on since I will be doing those things all over gain after college.

Some of the events that led me to evolve in my personal/professional development are definitely the people I was able to interact with throughout the summer. I was able to get great advice whether it was on how to be more efficient with certain work related things or also on a personal growth level as well as how to efficiently negotiate a an offer in the future. I had a very open mind throughout the internship which allowed me to really learn in my opinion. I never took any criticism in a bad way but instead tried to figure out how to improve on it which was very valuable for my learning experience.

My internship is valuable in the professional aspect of my life because it truly taught me a lot about myself such as skills, learning style, my personality etc. For example I took an personality assessment test during my internship and that taught me that I have an amiable type of personality which is a good thing but it can be bad at times since you are always trying to accommodate other personality styles. With that I learned that while valuing relationships, sometimes it is important to be firm and stand your ground to avoid being overstepped on. In addition, I believe this will also allow me to find other career opportunities in the future due to the exposure to professional career setting and other skills (softwares) that I learned while at Rockwell Automation.


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