Internship at CMax Advisors

For my STEP Signature Project I interned at CMax Advisors, which is a human resources consulting company. I worked in their human resources outsourcing department. Some of my daily duties included sorting through applicants, holding phone interviews, checking references and data analysis. I created several templates for vacation tracking and family medical leave for our clients.

My understanding, assumptions and view of the world didn’t really change/transform while completing my STEP signature project. Honestly, I loved my manager, fellow interns and HR consultants and it was just great being in the presence of people who loved their job also. It was very inspirational, because all or majority of the human resource consultants has accounting, teaching or science-related degrees, but yet they choose to consult instead. Being an accounting major everyone assume I want to work for a Big Four, but really I just want to work for a small company and help it build from the ground up. The HR consultants at CMax definitely helped me gain more confidence in my career goals.

My interactions and relationships with my manager, fellow interns and HR consultants was always positive and fun-filled. CMax isn’t your typical consulting company. They create a level of happiness and relaxation within the office setting. For example, they have a dart board in the common area to play whenever someone wants to take a break and we always had contests, such as running or parallel parking contests and it was so much fun. In such a short amount of time these people became like a family to me.

It was great working with clients and figuring out what type of employees they were looking to hire to tailor my searches. I didn’t have direct contact with our clients since I worked out of the home office instead at the onsite client locations.  I got to work with companies such as McKee, Zink, Hina, Palmetto, and Jeni’s and it was such a great experience. Each client was very unique and wanted a different kind of candidate for their available positions. Some clients wanted well-educated applicants with extensive work experience, while others wanted employees with minimal education and work experience so they can teach them.

Overall these day-to-day relationships helped me learn how to network and interact with business professionals, which is very important in order to succeed in any career field. The aspect of connecting with others beyond your knowledge of the profession is important to employers, because they’re looking to hire individuals with excellent people skills. I’m kind of quiet and reserved upon meeting me, which has always been a problem. This internship gave me the tools to turn this awkward shyness into confidence and for that I will forever be grateful.

This internship was life-changing and transforming in regards to my mindset as a student. Being in college I seemed to only look at things from a student’s perspective, which limited me in more ways than one. I was planning for my future and getting good grades, but I wasn’t taking advantage of all the opportunities around me, such as networking events and getting to know my professors. CMax helped me understand the importance of connecting with others in my career field before actually being in the career field.  It was great to use my human resources and data analysis knowledge to help benefit CMax Advisors while also helping me attain my professional goals by providing me with the experience I need in order to succeed in my profession. Essentially my number one goal is to continue to flourish as a leader and this internship allowed me to achieve that and so much more.

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  1. Great post! I enjoyed hearing that you want to work outside the Big Four and work your way from the ground up! This is a very rewarding way to go as well. Secondly, based off your reflection, it seems as if you learned professional skills as well as the type of work environment in which you would like to work.

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