My Summer at the Wexner Medical Center

Name: Paige Bennett

Type of Project: Internship

Over the summer, I worked as a Patient Care Associate/Student Nurse Associate in the float pool at the Wexner Medical Center. For this role, I was put on whichever unit of the hospital needed extra help. These units included neuropsych, cardiac, medical-surgical, rehabilitation, and intensive care. During my shifts, I monitored vitals signs, recorded intake and output, ambulated patients, checked blood sugar, gave bed baths, and communicated important information to the nurses.

Through this opportunity, I transformed a lot. I am a very shy person who sometimes feels nervous or uncomfortable around complete strangers. This experience allowed me to come out of my shell, given that my job forced me to interact with strangers almost everyday. Being a shy person, I feared that I would never be a good nurse. This job gave me a lot more confidence. During clinical this semester, I have no issue communicating with any staff or patients.

As a Student Nurse Aide, I provided care to many different patients from many different backgrounds. Some of these patients were like no others I have ever interacted with. This was a challenge for me, as I would not know how to respond a lot of the time. Within the first month of my experience, I had learned to communicate appropriately with many different personalities.

There are many different ways I had changed through this experience, but one way was more important than the others. I had learned to leave my bubble, and to start looking at situations from others’ perspectives. I had many interactions with patients who would not treat me with respect. Through these interactions, I learned to think about why one may act a certain way, instead of judging them.

Another interaction that led to my transformation was my communication with the nurses. As a Student Nurse Aide, I reported any abnormal findings such as a high or low blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, or respiration rate to the nurse. This allowed me to practice communicating relevant, medical information in an appropriate way.

My transformation is extremely significant for my life, given my career path to become a nurse. All of the skills I practiced over the summer will be utilized during my career as a nurse. Also, I feel more prepared. When I start working as a nurse, I will feel confident in knowing that I have past experience working at a hospital. When I find myself in a difficult situation, I will know how to better handle it.

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