My Internship in London

For my STEP project, I participated in an international internship in London for the summer.  For my project, I worked at Process Systems Enterprise (PSE).  PSE is the leading supplier of Advanced Process Modelling technology and related model-based engineering and innovation services the process industries.

With an increased globalized economy, I feel it is imperative for engineers to be internationally competent and able to communicate across cultures and I knew I would be able to gain this experience with my STEP project.  London is regarded as having the most talented and diverse workforce on Earth.  The city attracts the world’s most innovative, creative and technical minds and boasts more European corporate headquarters than anywhere else.  I can’t think of any other city in Europe that would offer me the exposure to such broad and diverse business opportunities.  I’ve visited London before and fell in love with the people, their culture, their history and just the energy of the city.

While in London, I worked with people from all over Europe.  I got to learn about their cultures as well as immerse myself in the London city.  Because of my internship, I know have developed both professionally and personally.  I had the opportunity to develop my communication, writing and technical skills.  I got to meet interns similar to myself and had dialogues about our different cultures and made friends.  This experience really gave me a global perspective.

For my internship at PSE, I worked with the vice-president of the carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) & Power, Alfredo, on building a business model to look into the UK wastewater treatment system and I also created a CCS competitor analysis.  I had the opportunity to work with interns and people from all over Europe and learn about their cultures.

My projects at PSE included creating a business model and a competitor analysis of PSE’s CCS software.  For the business model, I worked with excel to create a cohesive analysis on whether or not there was a potential market in the wastewater industry for PSE.  I looked at the potential money that could be saved with the PSE optimizing software.  This was done by looking at the capacity each of the treatment plants at a certain company and seeing how much X% of optimization would save that particular plant.  After that I helped develop a plan on how to approach the waste water company and how PSE would make money from that endeavor.  I also created a project plan on how long it will take to optimize a certain amount of plants.

For the CCS competitor analysis, I looked at various companies that were similar to PSE and looked at different aspects that made each program unique.  I looked at characteristics such as what languages are available for the software, when their last software update was as well as their case studies.  One of the more important components was looking at their rate of return of investment was for their produces.  This project helped me understand what PSE did and what kind of market they were working in.

In the office, there were people from all over Europe especially from Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland, and Italy.  I got to learn about their cultures and their perspective of the world and more interestingly the United States.  I also was in the UK during the Brexit decision to leave the European Union which was interesting and historical.  I got to see how that decision may affect the people I worked with and PSE as a whole.

After I graduate, I hope to work with a company with a large commitment to environmental sustainability.  At a fall career fair, I had the chance to talk to representatives from Arcadis, a global design, engineering and management consulting company that has two offices in London.  I was impressed by their commitment to find sustainable solutions for modern metropolitan needs and by their environmentally conscientious approach to projects.  I found that they have a long history in the city and built one of London’s quintessential monuments, the Tower Bridge.  Working for a company like this would be amazing after I graduate and Process Systems Enterprise (PSE) Ltd is a global company and I worked in their environmental sector which is what I hope to work in for the future.  After I graduate I hope to work for a company with a commitment to the environment and sustainable outcomes and this project help me achieve this goal.

This internship was a global experience and will give me an edge once I enter the professional world after graduation.  This STEP experience allowed me to go abroad which is so difficult for engineering students and gave me work experience relevant to the business side of chemical engineering.

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