STEP 2016 Nationwide Internship

A beautiful company inside and out!

A beautiful company inside and out!                  Three Nationwide Plaza, One Nationwide Plaza.

Name: Aubrey Kreusch
Type of Project: Internship

At Nationwide, I was a Claims Strategy Intern. I worked with the Claims Shared Services team as a resource to the rest of the Claims business unit. We acted as a guide towards cost efficiency, employee efficiency, and innovation.

Nationwide has always been a dream of mine since I job-shadowed there in high school, not yet deciding on a university to attend. My entire education and career path since high school has been motivated towards this company. Getting this position not only gave me an experience that I will never forget, but it also gave me a sense of reassurance that this is the right job and the right industry for me.

Throughout my twelve week position, I learned everything: from how to create a meeting, how to find a meeting room to how to create life-long networking bonds and that every day is an interview. This experience helped me grow to fit into my potential role in corporate America. Every second presented a new learning experience or a new network. Having this internship helped me transform from a girl trying to get through her schooling to a woman creating a name for herself in the corporate office of one of the biggest insurance companies in the nation.

There are certain moments during my experience that really led to my growth in this company. The first of these happened on my first day. I got to the office and was herded with the other 350+ interns into the theater for our 3 hour welcome lecture. We had guest speakers from leaders of the company and then we were handed off to our managers for the term. This was a moment of relief as I saw a friendly face in my interviewer, my manager, Tim. We sat and talked over lunch about my morning and how nervous I was. Tim had a way of making my mind feel at ease and getting rid of the first day jitters. He then introduced me to everyone on my team: Claims Shared Services, lovingly known as the Claims Strategy, Administration, and Training team. This was my first interaction with great people and great resources. These people went on to give me one of the best summers I have ever had.

Another moment that changed me for the better was my tour of the corporate office. I am one of the last people to officially get a full tour because new safety precautions have recently been put into effect to protect the CEO. I was taken down to the employee’s gym, made by a former CEO’s friend: Arnold Schwarzenegger, then to former CEO Lincoln’s historical study. We then made our way up to the top of the skyscraper to see the executive office finished with a large hardwood meeting table, wooden walls, and pictures of all past CEO. Off to the side of this meeting room was a dining area for those meeting the board. This was a lighter, more pastel room than the meeting room attached to it. In this room were large windows with the most amazing view of the city. All of Columbus was in my view and in my reach as I stood at the top of one of th grandest companies I have ever stepped into. This moment excited me and motivated me to be in the office again someday.

One last moment that transformed my views as well as position towards my future was in the last two weeks of my internship. My director and Tim had asked me to give a presentation on social media and personal branding to the team. I was very nervous because this was outside of my realm and both Tim and my director knew this. Yet, I stood in front of the team and gave an hour presentation and discussion on how to create a good personal brand. Everyone was willing to speak and open to discussions on the topic which helped my nerves tremendously. By the time we were finished, people were asking for my perspectives and ideas on how to improve a personal brand. It was a great feeling to be heard by people whom I had once seen so below. Now, we were on the same level, learning from each other. This moment helped me realize that I would not always be learning, but at points, I would be teaching and holding my own meetings. This gave me a different view on what type of position I want when I graduate. I always believed that I wanted to work as an actuary and work with models and numbers all day, now I feel that I should open my horizons and be willing to give communicative roles a chance as well.

As I look back on my experience, I realize that Nationwide was more than just a job. This internship has given me growth in the business world. It has given me the strength and tools I need to succeed not only at Nationwide, but at any company in my sight. Professionally, I have transformed into a woman working in corporate life. Personally, I have developed my social skills through my team and my experiences presenting and speaking at meetings and seminars with intelligent individuals throughout the United States. Having found something that I am good at is one thing, but having an experience to realize how much I actually love where I’m headed is an entirely different, wonderful feeling! This experience has developed me personally and professionally and has given me the motivation I need to pursue my education and new experiences as I push towards my goals.

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  1. It sounds like you had quite a hands-on experience at Nationwide, and even had a chance to offer some helpful input to the organization, which is very exciting!

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