Marketing and Promotions Internship at CD102.5

Over the summer, I used my STEP money to fund my internship at CD102.5. I have always wanted to work in the music industry, and this experience allowed me to finally get my foot in the door. While interning, I gained an extensive understanding of event planning, promotional work, social media marketing, and how to appropriately interact with members of the community. The most valuable things I took away from this internship were the connections I made with members of the community and music industry.


Interning at CD102.5 was an eye-opening experience. Seeing the music industry from the inside transformed my view of it. Understanding how systematic and calculated the music industry is will be valuable in my future career. Nothing in the music industry happens by accident because industry professionals carefully plan every little detail. Knowing this has changed my view of all music and music media regardless of genre.


In addition to this, I finally understand how important it is to make real, substantial connections with people who work in the industry. You never know who you will need to ask for a favor, and having a real relationship helps your needs stand out from other people in the field.


Finally, this internship reminded me the importance of being happy, flexible, hardworking, and charismatic. In any career these traits are important, but in the music industry, these skills are essential. For me, charisma does not always come naturally, but this internship gave me the chance to start cultivating that crucial trait.


Several occurrences made this experience transformational. Meeting so many hard working, intelligent people was transformational in itself. At times I have felt lost because I didn’t think there were people out there who shared my values and interests. Interning at CD102.5 proved me wrong. Everyone on the staff, whether they were upper management or my fellow interns, was wonderful.


Beyond finally working in an environment that I enjoyed, the relationship I had with my supervisor was also transformative. He had completed the same degree that I am working on currently and has similar career goals. My supervisor helped me navigate many situations and events with insight I could not have received anywhere else. He also helped me become accustomed to working in an office environment. No matter where I work, the ability to function respectably and efficiently in the office environment will be crucial. This is a valuable skill I took away from my summer internship.


The transformations that this course allowed me to undertake will be necessary as I fulfill my career goals. The information I learned is invaluable and not something that can be taught in a classroom. Beyond this, my internship at CD1025 was transformational because it validated the vision I had for life and career goals. It allowed me to work in an environment that I could treasure every moment of the summer.


Overall, this experience was not only incredible but transformative. If I had never received STEP money, this experience would not have been possible, and I would not have experienced the most enlightening summer of my life. I am so thankful for the STEP program and hope they continue to facilitate life changing experiences for all the Ohio State students that they can.


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