OSU Football Internship Summer 16

My STEP Signature Project included an internship with the Ohio State Football Recruiting Office. I worked nearly 60-80 hours a week assisting with the Recruiting Operations during the week. I was promoted during my time working there this summer to Cornerback’s Coaching Intern, which is a big promotion for me and I am very excited to win a lot of games this year!

My view of the world changed drastically when I was promoted and was able to see how intense the coaching lifestyle is compared to recruiting. The coaching lifestyle is much more intense and much more time demanding. It requires you to have extreme attention to detail and have extremely good time management. I never knew that I could get so far ahead in my classes. Since the start of the semester I have been on grind mode and I have been able to get way ahead in my classes. I now have gotten much better at time management and I now have a better structure to my life. This structure forces me to get ahead in my classes and take care of myself more.

Some events that led to a change in my STEP transformation include: the hiring of Anthony Coughlan, Coach Coombs asking for someone to help him out, and the defensive GA’s and QC’s teaching me the game. Anthony Coughlan used to work in Equipment for the football team when he was younger. When he was a senior, he was Coach Coombs intern for the cornerback’s. He worked very hard and made a good impression upon the defensive staff. He set the standard of being Coach Coomb’s intern and set a bar for me to follow. He set me up with the job with the defensive staff and got me an interview with one of the GA’s. I nailed the interview and was hired immediately. I had to clear it with my boss Mark Pantoni and he said that it was all good so I started right away.

The second event leading to a transformation is when Coach Coombs asked “What the hell are you doing?” during practice and told me to help his corner’s out. I started to help out the corners with whatever they need. From film cut ups to assisting in drills, I have been helping out the corners in every capacity possible. Since then I have started to learn about how to coach the corners and the different techniques corner’s use to lock down the Wide Receiver. I have started to learn how to coach and how to approach the collegiate football player when trying to coach them. It has been and will be very helpful for me when I become a GA to help out the corners and give them pointers.

The third transformation that I have experienced during my internship is how the GA’s have been able to help teach me some of the defense. I have learned how the secondary coverages work as well as some of the blitz patterns that we run as well. The defense is somewhat easy to learn and with the help of the GA’s I have begun to understand how the defense work and why we run certain plays. I have learned a lot from these guys and I am making great connections so that I can hopefully get a job from either the defensive coaches or the GA’s once I graduate.

This transformation has and will be extremely valuable to my life because it is setting me up for success in the near future. I know that I will be able to get a good job as a Graduate Assistant after I graduate, either here at OSU or somewhere else at another big time college. The transformation has forced me to become more involved at work, which is awesome, and it has forced me to take care of myself so I can continue to be there for people at work and learn from all these great minds that work here. Thanks for helping me out with everything and I really appreciate all that you guys have done for me, the STEP Project has really made a difference for me and has bolstered my resume to new heights. Thanks for everything!


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