STEP Signature Project Reflection

Name: Clark Moran

Type of Project: Internship


The STEP signature project that I chose was an internship in construction management.  As an intern, I was able to gain valuable experience on job sites and in the office.  Typical duties during my project included job site supervision, estimating and project management duties.

As I began my STEP signature project, I was excited, but nervous about what was beginning.  I was excited about an opportunity in choice of major, but nervous that it may not be the best fit.  When work began, I had a calming sense of relief in what I have chosen for a career.  I had been looking for a career that would make me feel satisfied when I left work everyday, and my STEP project helped me accomplish that.  The nature of work in construction management is satisfying to me because I can leave work feeling that I have helped accomplish a common goal that will also include an end product.

When I first thought about my career in construction management, I saw myself working in the field running a job site.  However, my first experience in my internship did not involve this.  As my internship started, I learned that I would be working on estimating.  With the company I worked for, estimating involved calling potential subcontractors to invite them to bid on the upcoming project and give them as much information as possible.  When I began I didn’t believe that working in an office on estimating would be satisfying. I was able to learn that working in an office to help run projects was satisfying to me and this was one of the first transformational experiences that I had.

The next role in my internship would be to run a job site as a Superintendent.  This was the kind of work that I envisioned myself doing when I chose my major.  As I began, I realized just how difficult the job of running a site was.  The experience necessary to be a Superintendent is something that cannot be gained from an education.  The majority of Superintendents have years of experience from working in a trade to running different kinds of jobs.  The first project that I was in charge of was a small remodel that had a scope including new flooring, new bathroom fixtures and framing a new wall.  This project went through for a week when I was onsite, but had multiple problems that lingered.  The second project I ran was nearly identical to the first one.  This project was fully completed on time within about a week and a half.  Being able to successfully run a project served as a good example in my project of what I would be doing in my career.  These events helped make the transformation of my internship by showing me first hand what my career is.

The relationships made as I worked in my internship allowed me to understand what is necessary in my career.  When estimating, a relationship is made when you first make phone calls to a potential new subcontractor. This relationship made can be the difference between receiving a proposal or not.  I also have relationships with workers on job sites which helps complete the job by keeping everybody working together. Learning to establish and maintain strong relationships with coworkers made this project a transformational experience.

This transformation is valuable to my life because it shows me that I am on the right path in my career.  I was never fully sure of what would be the best career choice as I began school, but my internship experience helped me understand that it is. The events, activities and relationships made my signature project a transformation.



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  1. It sounds like you received some great practical experience, and good insight into the different roles related to your career interests.

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