STEP Reflection

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I interned for BritishAmerican Business in London through the Fisher Summer Global Internship program. I was fully integrated into the Policy team and helped with research, communication, and publication design development. My final project was an analysis piece on the American Perception of Brexit, as it occurred during my time there, which was published on their website.

A lot of things, both personal and professional, were affected by this STEP Signature Project. Going into a workplace setting wasn’t the most comfortable, especially into a small team with a lot of hands on work. Immediately, I was involved in projects, I ran the Twitter account, and I took part in meetings with business executives and government officials. I definitely grew more confident in representing myself and the company at events and panels that I attended on their behalf. I participated and contributed during conference calls, and I was more confident when speaking with colleagues and officials over the phone as well. One of the biggest compliments that my supervisor gave me on a feedback form was that I had the ability to command a room, and that I just needed to always have the confidence that I could rightfully do so. Being in such a professional setting for two months helped with my confidence a lot and I was able to be more confident personally and professionally. I wasn’t really treated like an intern during my time with BritishAmerican Business, and because they put so much faith in me to deliver what was asked made a huge difference to my confidence and allowed me to grow so much more.

Similarly, my view of the world has changed drastically. Living in London for two months gave me a lot more of a worldly perspective. I worked for a company that is greatly invested on the UK’s spot in the EU, and being there in a politically revolutionary time made all the difference in the world. I was able to research and see reactions to both sides of the vote and see first-hand the effect on the citizens of the country and the businesses as well. I was also able to travel on the weekends, so I was able to see and experience other countries and other cultures.

There were numerous events, interactions, relationships, and activities that shaped by change/transformation throughout my internship. BritishAmerican Business hosted a lot of networking events with their member companies, and as an intern, I was able to attend all of these events and partake in the events. I met and networked with business executives from UK Trade and Investment, Deloitte, UK Government, EY, and many more companies. I became more confident with my networking abilities over this time.

I was also able to make connections with many of importance within BritishAmerican Business. I worked with the CEO and connected with the newly elected Chairman of their board. I also worked closely with their Director of Policy and Trade as my supervisor, and he has become a reference for me. We have developed a great relationship over the past two months, and look forward to staying in touch in the future. All of these relationships and interactions have affected me greatly because they have made me more confident in my professional aspirations and ability to communicate.

The most important aspect of this experience was the work that I was able to do while in London. BritishAmerican Business made me a full member of their team, giving me ample responsibilities and tasks that really made a difference for them and for me as well. I wrote monthly updates for their member companies, participated in conference calls, attended panels, designed publication materials, drafted a press release, researched, and wrote an analysis piece during my time there. This affected me so much because I have been published internationally, and I have so much more confidence in my writing, research abilities, and knowledge in international relations and topics.

This change/transformation has had a significant impact on my life. My co-workers became good friends that I will continue to be in contact with. Professionally, I have published work that I can refer to on my resume as well as references. I plan on going into a professional field similar to my internship, so the relevant experience is really important to have. Honestly, I can’t be more grateful for this opportunity because I got to go and live in my new favorite city in the world, work with amazing people who gave me so many opportunities, and I got to travel and explore Europe for the summer.



STEP Reflection


Name: Joshua Epperson

Type of Project: Internship

My STEP Signature Project involved traveling to Munich, Germany, for 8 weeks to complete an internship with Morphosys AG.  I interned in the Control Department at Morphosys, modelling, developing, and planning presentations of the Business Plan, including specific scenarios.

Living in Munich, Germany, for 8 weeks proved to be a tough endeavor as I strove to immerse myself in the culture, work environment, and daily life of a Munich citizen.  One of the biggest things I came to understand about myself was that I can be more confident in my decisions—in several instances my first instinct was correct despite my lack of confidence in the respective decision.  Through additional individual travel I transformed into an individual more adept at making and following through with quick, instinctual decisions.

Of course, living in a foreign country transformed my view of the world.  I came to understand that while Americans are content with limiting their worldly view to the States, countries in Europe retain an understanding and willingness to learn about other countries—in the EU and abroad.  Since returning I have noticed myself listening more intently to the important news of other countries—almost a comfort in comparison to the current domestic chaos and despair.

In Germany, they have a saying, “leben und leben lassen”—live and let live.  While Germans have a horrific past stemming from WWI and II, they have fought to reject the harsh stereotype by becoming more open to all people.  That phrase epitomizes their ideology that so long as another person is not hurting you, leave them be.  This state of mind can be seen in their lack of violence, openness regarding sexuality, and understanding of individuality.  While in the 2nd largest city in German (and beer capital of the world) I never witnessed a single punch thrown, angry confrontation, or instance of hurtful language towards a person.  The realization hit me towards of the end of the trip, while hearing about the events in the U.S., of how civil everyone was.  Through that experience I became more understanding and respective of other cultures and lifestyles.

Another transformation arose from traveling alone.  Before I left for Germany I purchased a Euro Rail pass that was valid for several free train rides the duration of my stay—I was able to ride any Deutsch Bahn train at any time.  When I arrived at the train station for the first time the realization hit me of how much freedom was at my fingertips.  While I began timid and very schedule-oriented, after the first few trips I became more confident and willing to seek out adventure—thereby sacrificing my long-time love of to-the-minute schedules.  These transformations and sacrifices unsurprisingly led to a decrease in stress as I was able to go wherever I so desired, even if it led me to sit by a river for an hour.  This transformation reminds me to seek out adventure while at OSU as a manner of destressing.

Another transformation from the trip arose from the Internship.  I often found myself completing work at a faster pace than my boss anticipated—unfortunately leading to a lack of work on occasions.  To counteract this lack of work I had to force myself out of my comfort zone by asking coworkers if they needed assistance.  I realized that I have become so used to constantly having projects and club work to be done that it was a stretch to ask for things to be done.  Therefore, the realization that this state of constant business would not always be around allowed me to develop the confidence and ability to go around and inquire about additional tasks.

Every job requires interactions with others; whether this be with clients, coworkers, or superiors.  My new sense of understanding and empathy allows me to better communicate cross-culturally with those that I will come in contact with in the professional world.  When not surrounded by friends I often find myself becoming introverted with others; however, through the transformations of the trip I can better step out of my comfort zone—possibly leading to positive results. While this transformation will help me communicate better with others in a professional situation, it will also benefit me personally as I branch out and become more interactive with others.

This internship also provided me experience with corporate business.  This experience has transformed my thinking and view of the corporate finance field to better understand my future goals—by placing me into a small company I became acutely aware of what every department accomplished on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.  While I was not as in tune with the Research & Development Department as I would have liked, I have shortened my list of potential career paths away from the Corporate Finance field.  This will largely impact my future as I consider how my professional pathway should be shaped.

Thus, through my global Internship I have developed a better view of my future as well as transformed into a more outgoing and understanding individual.  These changes over the past summer will positively affect my future in terms of career path, personal relationships, and school work.13709814_10209524940390521_240653193154381138_n

STEP Signature Project Description

For my STEP Signature Project this summer, I had the opportunity to live in Madrid Spain for nine weeks while completing an Internship through the Fisher School of Business. I worked for a gourmet foods supply company from Spain that supplies to high end restaurants within France, predominately Paris, within their logistics and finance department. While in Spain, I learned many things that helped me not only in the business aspect and in my education but that helped me to grow as a person as well. I worked on a Finance project to restructure the companies weekly layout for finance updates as well as market analysis and research for potential markets the company could expand into throughout Europe. Pictured with this post are my coworkers at a work party we had a few weeks after I had arrived. I truly became friends with my colleagues and felt as if I had made a family away from home.

While away in Europe, I began to notice a definitive change. I felt that I was able to be extremely independent and resourceful due to the support I received from my coworkers, other friends interning, and my parents back home. I learned how to ask for help or what to do if I wasn’t sure within a work place, something that I had always struggled to do before in fear of making mistakes or humiliation. I was able to be self sufficient and help myself around the cities I traveled to and truly immerse myself into the culture as a local. While of the trip I became aware that my major truly is my passion and what I wanted to do because I was living the life and working in the area I strive to be able to after I graduate. I realized that I want to be able to move abroad for a few years after college in order to truly become the global person I want to be.

My coworkers definitely helped to catalyze this change within me. By having them encourage me every day and truly become friends with me when commuting or at lunch I was able to thrive. While my Spanish was not perfect, they did not judge my language abilities and were readily there to help me and push me to move out of my comfort zone. If my work environment had been different, I do not think I would have had an experience this positive or consider living abroad after graduation. However, they along with the friends I made on this trip, showed me that I can be a strong and independent student that can truly do anything I set my mind to if I work hard and really try my best.

This change will help me in my studies when it comes to group projects and being able to ask others for help and see that my mistakes aren’t errors for learning but rather rooms for improvement and lessons for growing as a student. I can use my independence to shape my life after graduation and truly live the life I want to live, whether that be in Europe or the United States. I have learned skills in Finance and Logistics that could never be taught from a classroom, only hands on experience and real business situations. I am forever grateful to have had this amazing summer in Madrid and for being able to have this incredible opportunity become a reality.     -Tiffany Scheer

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STEP Reflection

My STEP Signature Project was a 8 week long internship that took place in Sydney, Australia in the Central Business District. I worked at a company called Altair Asset Management and I was an Equity Research Analyst intern for that company. During my internship I analyzed two stocks and then gave presentations about the two stocks to the investment team at the company. Apart from my internship, I also got to explore the beautiful city of Sydney!

The biggest change that occurred to me as I completed my internship was my confidence. Going into the internship, I was unsure of what exactly I wanted to do in my life and I was doubting my choice of majors: Finance and Economics. I also did not understand what Equity Research Analysts actually did. I assumed that they looked at various stocks and their financials and see which one was the best, but they did so much more. There was so much creativity involved when deciding what to actually analyze a stock and no two analyzers actually had the same methods. I soon came to realize that I loved what I was doing and was so excited to learn everyday from some of the best Equity Research Analyzers in Sydney.

People always ask me why I am studying both Economics and Finance and my answer is always that I just like both the subjects, but Altair showed me how interconnected both fields are. When analyzing stocks, you have to understand what is happening around the World which is where macroeconomics comes into play and there were senior economists who worked at the company to make sure the analyzers were always up to date. This reassured me that there was actually a purpose for me to study both Economics and Finance and that Economists were super cool to have conversations with!

All my life, I have never described myself as creative, but after this summer I can definitely say I am a creative person which boosted my confidence. I always imagined someone creative as someone who was good at art or creative writing, but would never have thought that stocks were creative and if that was in the job description, I don’t think I would have even applied. I realized Equity Research Analysts have to be creative when I realized that no two analyzers every analyzed stocks the same way which really forced the investment team to think about all aspects of a stock. Being a young new intern, the investment team was excited of what I would come up with during my analysis. This emphasis on creativity also left me to do a lot of work without any guidance at first. They would give me a stock and then let me do whatever research I though would be fit. After looking at what I would come up with, they would guide me further and ask me questions to think about how I could look at other variables and look at the stock in a different way. This meant that every day was something different which made me excited to work.

I always knew that my ideal job would be a job where I could have a lot of interaction with people and I realized that Equity Research Analyzers actually do interact with people a lot. Research is information and information is people. So, the more people you know and are out talking to, the better. I saw that a lot of the analyzers in the investment team would be out catching up with people that they thought would have an useful opinion or information that they had not known yet about the company they were researching. Furthermore, there was also a lot of conferences, lunches and presentations that the analyzers would go to in order to have the best knowledge. A job that I thought would be at my desk looking at numbers all day ended up being such an exciting and lively job!

This gain in confidence is really important to me because I have changed my major multiple times and I never got the reassurance that I was on the right track. I was afraid that hours slaved away studying would amount to me not being good at my job or not even getting a job. I now know what jobs to apply for and that I made the right decision about my majors. I learned a lot about the work life and what I like doing, how I learn and what I am good at. I now have a goal internship that I want to get for next summer and I am so excited to get back to school and start my classes.

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