Technology & Reflection: Trello


The most useful piece of technology I learned in this class was the website Trello. It helped me organize everything I had to get done during the week and allowed me to customize each To-Do item as a certain color to correlate to a specific class. This was really helpful to me because during the week you can have a lot of assignments do for different class and know what needs done in each class makes it easier to set a schedule. It also allows you to break down your planner anyway that works best for you whether it’s by class, to-do/completed, semester as well as keep track of important dates and store your notes on an assignment.

My Strategies

  1. Identify the purpose of learning.
    • Knowing why you are learning something and how that connects to you as well as the rest of the course material.
  2. Creat environment
    • I know I am someone who works better in a library or a quiet place that is free from distractions like t.v or friends.
    • Knowing what works best for you can make you more productive and efficient in understanding course work.
  3. Motivation
    •  I procrastinate a lot. Reminding myself why I am taking the course and reminding myself of the bigger picture of getting my degree will keep me self motivated.
    • Setting times during which i feel more motivated like in the evening compared to the morning will help me not get behind and become discouraged.
  4. Active Learning
    • Make sure to attend classes
    • Take notes and pay attention to leacture
  5. Organization
    • Writing down assignments
    • Bring required material to class i.e reading, handouts, papers/assignments, textbook
    • Keep documents for the class all together in a folder or binder.
  6. Review
    • Reflect on how effectively I did each of the above for the week and change or adjust if need be.

Course Takeaways

The most important thing I learned from this course are the strategies I can use to stay motivated and not procrastinate or get behind in the course. I often lose focus or get discourage half way through my courses but by using some of the tips I learned in this course I have been able to come up with a way to address that issue. My first step is writing down everything I have due that week and mapping out what day,time and place I am going to do each item. Then when I sit down to actually do them i turn off anything that could distract me like my cell phone. After that I remind myself why i need to complete each item and that keeps me motivated until the work is finished. I know I am the type of person who can’t just sit for hours and hours so I also set up a schedule where I take a ten minute break after every hour or after I finish each item. This allows me to stretch my legs or get something to drink/eat to revitalize me and avoids getting sluggish toward the middle of my list if I have a lot to get done that day.