Takeaways from ESLTECH 2011

Planning is Key!

Through ESLTECH 2011 I learned numerous new tools such as Study Scheduler and Trello to organize my study

schedule. I have almost always been a pretty organized person, but I never really had a default way for planning out

my studying. However, since being in this class I have found that Trello has been extremely helpful! Through Trello I am able to plan out more than just my studying and set deadlines for upcoming tasks. Also, since I am on my computer almost everyday, looking at and using Trello is almost second nature.

Setting Goals Leads to Success!

During the first week of this course we learned how to set SMART goals for our academic studies. This strategy taught me howto make my goals more specific, and explicitly state what I am going to do in order to achieve them. Previously, I would set goals, but not identify a clear direction of how I would accomplish them. However, now I use this SMART outline to plan out my goals ahead of time so that I can more easily follow a path to success. Below is the link to what SMART goals are and how to effectively create them.


SMART Goals Link

Learning Styles Fact or Myth?

Through this course, I have been able to think about whether or not learning styles are myths. Through discussions it appeared that almost all of my peers had a unique outlook on whether not they believed in myths. Some were clear cut by either saying they are definitely true or definitely not true, but many others were in between the two. Initially, I was closer toward the line that they do fully exist because by looking at my own habits I saw that I usually learn by visualizing. However, after reading and talking with some of my peers, I now think that a learning style is dependent on the material being taught and how students are usually presented with material. While the main takeaway from this discussion was the debate about learning styles, I took away that I can more often than not learn from my peers who have had different experiences from myself. This was probably my favorite experience from this class because it allowed my peers and I to ask thoughtful questions about each other’s viewpoint and offer constructive criticism .