Growth Through Music

For my STEP project I assembled a home music recording studio and personally created a music project that I released. While I did outsource for a music engineer to polish the final record, all other steps including writing, recording, publishing, etc. were all personally handled by myself.

Before beginning my STEP project I had ambitions to pursue a music career, but felt as though it were nearly impossible for me to do. Yes, I believed I had the talent, but I did not have the finances nor time to commit myself to not only creating good music, but doing so consistently. However, STEP gave me a chance to step outside my comfort zone and give it a try. Utilizing funds from STEP to build a studio, I thought that was the difficult part, but it was just the beginning.

I thought that with music the most difficult part of it involved writing and recording it, but I was sadly mistaken. Early on in the project I begin to fall behind. With early disbursement issues and unsatisfactory results, I began to lose hope. It felt as though every greatly written song did not sound as well as I imagined when it was mixed. Some songs required different skills and recording techniques than others and I felt like I was over my head. But something in my was determined to push forward.

Worried I may have simply burned myself out I decided to take a week break away from music. Although I was always tempted I decided to listen to the types of music I did when I began writing. Listening to the words of Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Russ, Nipsey Hussle, and John Legend gave me the inspiration to continue moving forward. After my week break I wrote and recorded an entirely new project and began searching for qualified engineers. The search was long, but after about a week and a half I found my perfect candidate.

After weeks of collaborating, making changes and additions, and agreeing on a theme, the project was complete and ready for distribution, but that was my next obstacle. I had never done distribution. Eager to continue learning, I took to the internet and Youtube and learned about the various ways to release your music to several outlets. I also learned other skills such as mixing, mastering, and improving sound quality. After a series of failed attempts, my music was finally published to Spotify and Applemusic. Determined to continue I decided to produce another one and release it as well. I am glad to say that I was successful.

What this project taught me is patience, resilience, and determination. The journey that I assumed would be slightly difficult kept me up several nights frustrated and ready to quit, but I know that nothing is easy that is worth fighting for. My journey was very difficult, but I feel as though I came out more determined than ever to continue pursuing my dream. I am currently working on a third project that I think will be greater than all because with each project I grow and improve. Had it not been for this experienceI would have never grown so much in my music career and character.