STEP Computer Build


1. I built a computer from scratch through researching the correct parts and learning how to undertake such a project. After acquiring the parts I took an afternoon and put it all together and built a working computer.

2. During this process I needed help to ensure I was going about it the correct way. To make sure this was the case I talked to my brothers for advice on whether the parts I had chosen were the correct options. This was a huge step and change for me as it brought me closer to my brothers and that is one of the best things I can get from life. I knew being close with them was important but I didn’t know how much until this project.

3. Interacting with my brothers over the years wasn’t always easy. With them being seven and ten years older than me I always wanted to hang out with them, whether or not they wanted me to or not. Working on this together strengthened the feeling that I belong. It was always important that they accepted me. We enjoyed our time together and working on this computer with them made it feel like we were younger again.

Another part that is important was my choices working out as well as I could ask for. My choices in parts were new for me and I had to research and learn what would work for the computer. Seeing I could find the parts I needed and the right ones to choose to be successful in this endeavor was a great boost for me. I was proud to see my investigations paid off and I could find the parts efficiently. The ability to find things on the internet is vital in the world today, and I am glad I have that capability.

The last part that helped in my change was working with our good friend, Nick. He has always been apart of our family due to being close with my brothers and being someone I could look up to. He was always helpful to me even when my brothers wouldn’t necessarily be. Working with him took me back to being a child and it was incredible to share this experience with him. He is practically a brother to us and it made my day getting to work with him.

4. This is huge for me as I love being able to come home and spend time with them. I love being with them, whether this is at our grandma’s, their house, or at a friends house. I love the time spent with them and the rest of my family. This connection is so significant to me and growing this relationship is huge in my growth as a person as well. Growing relationships is very influential for my future and this just continued to grow my skills and my ability to show what I can do.