Creating Art with Food

  1. My STEP Signature Project included me taking cooking classes at Sur La Table with foods from various cultures. I would cook the meals during the class, and then try to recreate them at home!
  2. To me, food is art. Food is a form of expression of a culture, and we can use that to compare our differences among ourselves. I am able to appreciate the diverse amount of foods we have in each society and then be able to prepare them for my friends as well. It was so spectacular that I was able to have this opportunity to learn more about people from around the world through food and the way they make their food.
  3. At the beginning cooking class at Sur La Table, they would start out by telling us a little bit of history about each food we were about to cook. Stories or even tales about how they originated so we would be able to appreciate the people who originally thought it was a good idea! For example, a tale of how Nashville Hot Chicken was told was that a woman found out her husband was cheating and so in the morning when she made him his usual fried chicken she added hot sauce to it. However, the catch was that he actually enjoyed it!

Being able to take these experiences home from the cooking classes allowed me to appreciate all of the              opportunities I have been given while at Ohio State. Before I went into each class, I would research the background of the food I would be making trying to learn a little bit more about the culture. I have gotten to know so many wonderful things about so many cultures through their art of food!

My Korean BBQ class I took showed me authentic ways to make chimichurri and Korean-style beef and was by far my favorite. The chef told us so much about the original way s and even directed us to a Korean market close by where we can shop in order to recreate the meal at home! What an eye-opening experience it has been for me!

  1. This transformation I have encountered throughout the entire STEP process has allowed me to appreciate the little thingsand know how grateful I am to go to a school where we are able to express our creativity through this program. Because of this program, I know I want to be a restaurant owner one day. With my restaurant, I would like to build enough of a profit to where I can have multiple food trucks where I can give hot and healthy meals to people who are less fortunate. I want to be able to give back to the community as much as possible, and STEP has allowed me to see that as my end goal!

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