Underwater Exploration Through Videography

  • Brief Description:
    • This Artistic/Creative Endeavor has allowed for me to obtain three PADI Scuba Diving Certifications and to work with Russel Hoeflich, the head of Video Services for Ohio State Athletics, to ultimately create a videography project illustrating my experience examining a WWI shipwreck. The process required eLearning through PADI and in-person instruction for each of my certifications and check-out dives. Also, I learned how to effectively use a GoPro underwater and create a video that people will engage with.

  •  Change/Transformation Due To STEP:
    • This creative endeavor has allowed for me to obtain lifelong skills and certifications, such as open water PADI scuba diving certifications, underwater videography skills, and knowledge on naval technologies of the US in WWI. I have also had the opportunity to gain invaluable connections through the assistance of the Director of Video Services for Ohio State Athletics, Russel Hoeflich, who has advised me on the videography aspect of my project.  With this, though, I have also had a shift in other, unanticipated aspects of my life which have ultimately allowed for this project to enhance my outlook on the world around me. Specifically, I have found that life is unpredictable and that it is never too late to find a new passion. Underwater, too, I have found has the ability to place people in a whole new playing field in which individuals are placed in a much different setting and can have a whole different set of capabilities. Overall, I have also greatly improved upon my creative abilities, a personal weakness that has been identified by a professional source, DiSC, and have been provided with a unique perspective that has allowed for a newfound passion and appreciation for art.
  • How the Change/Transformation Affected Me:
    • These invaluable academic experiences include that of the improvement of the quality of my underwater videography capabilities. Beyond this, through the assistance of Russell Hoeflich who is the Director of Video Services for Ohio State Athletics, I have gained further connections in the athletic department that I don’t believe I would have been able to make otherwise and has ultimately greatly enhanced my professional network and provided mw with a newfound passion for photography and videography. This was, more specifically, through learning how to effectively shoot videos underwater as well as how to edit these videos with the help of Mr. Hoeflich.
    • Also, my personal knowledge on the US History of WWI, specifically the naval capabilities of the US at the time, have been improved by learning of the various shipwrecks that have occurred just off the coast of the US. Seeing this wreck in person has also furthered my education in the history of WWI, which I feel very passionate about because it is the war that my great grandfather fought in. I was fortunate enough to have staff on the boat that took us to the wreck who were very knowledgeable about the wreck and were able to guide me toward important features of WWI naval ships. Also, I was able to find a screw that the ship was carrying before it was sunk, which I was able to take back to Columbus and is a treasure I anticipate to have for the rest of my life as I feel very lucky to have been granted a piece of history.
    • Lastly, my education on PADI scuba diving protocol has greatly advanced, as I previously have had no experience scuba diving.  With the assistance of my various instructors at Columbus Scuba, though, I have been able to gain a lifetime scuba certification which I can continue to advance as I take more courses. Through this aspect of the project, I truly feel as if I have found the most impactful change in my life as I discovered a hobby that I am naturally talented at, likely due to my background in swimming, and which I have been asked to pursue a part-time career as an instructor. Additionally, I really felt as if my life had changed the first time I took a breath underwater and it’s something that I would love to add to future trips/experiences since I personally feel like I will never get bored of exploring the 71% of the Earth’s surface that is water-covered.
  • Why The Change/Transformation is Valuable:
    • This endeavor that took place in the summer of 2019 was designed in a way that it aimed to directly assist in improving my knowledge on three things: videography, WWI, and scuba diving.I also feel that creative thinking and artistic ventures are the missing puzzle pieces when it comes to finalizing my resume. With this project on my resume it will show to my future employers that aside from my academic accomplishments that I am committed to improving upon my deficiencies, passionate about expanding my horizons, and certainly not afraid to go out of my comfort zone. This information I firmly believe will continue to benefit me for the rest of my life. Ultimately, too, this STEP project has provided me a unique perspective that will allow for me to stand out on future law school applications and in various class discussions, which will conclusively increase my chances of getting into law school and succeeding when I am there.

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