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My step experience involved learning the piano at a local music organization. During the two semesters of classes, I learnt piano music theory. Then I performed a song and an original song in front of an audience.

I always thought that I had no real talent in music.I have had many opportunities in the past to learn the recorder to no success. I then assumed I had no talent for music and stayed away from it. But this project showed me that if I put in the effort I could learn it. It was really interesting building up the skill of doing two different things with my hands, as I was not always the most coordinated person. I can now play the piano to an acceptable degree to a layman, I can also now read sheet music. I learnt that maybe its not about talent but hard work and passion.

I also learnt quite a bit of music theory.At least enough to understand chord structure and change my views on music. I now know why some songs sound good, what the different scales are, and how to apply them when writing music.

The first thing that lead to my shift in perspective were my piano teachers.Both of them were absolutely fantastic. On my first meeting with them we talked about goals and how to approach learning the piano. I learnt then that this thing I had built up for so long could be broken down to actionable, achievable steps. With this in mind it gave me confidence to tackle and stay motivated during the project.

Another key experience was recording my videos for my project.Before I reached the song writing part of the project I recorded and uploaded short snippets of my practice session weekly. It often took many takes to get the right play through without any mistakes. This made my practice times longer and lead to some real reflection on my approach to each song I played. It basically made me go the extra mile even when I felt like I had put in enough work.

Finally there was the writing and performing of my original song.I learnt so much about music theory while working with my piano teacher. We went through many approaches for writing a song, chords then melody, melody then chords, a bit of both. Perfecting and practicing something that I wrote from the inside out really helped flesh out my understanding of music. It changed the way I viewed music more than anything.

The change in myself through my step project is impactful for several reasons. It has greatly increased my confidence. I now know I can go from barely identifying the keys on a keyboard to composing a short song that I performed in front of an audience. I believe in my ability to learn. In the future if I have to learn something I don’t know, like botany, I would have confidence because I would remember this project.

Also i plan to keep up with the piano. I want to be able to create songs in the future and this was a great first step into music. Below is a photo of my performance and a link to my progress blog.