Matt’s STEP Project: Produce and Release Guitar Instrumental

My step project was to develop my guitar skills and create a song and have it produced. In order to get the skills, I needed to make an instrumental song, I took lessons from Dan Peters, a renowned guitarist in the Chicagoland area. I also went in to a music studio to have my music recorded and produced.

This project taught me that there are so many aspects of life, and that what I choose to spend my time on is what will shape who I am. For example, when I saw the expertise that the producers in the studio had, I was amazed. They knew all the ins and outs of producing music. This is a rather specific skill to have, and made me realize how many potential paths that I could take in my life. They chose to spend much of there time becoming experts in the art of music. My guitar teacher spend much of his time becoming an expert in playing guitar. What I choose to spend my time at is what will define who I am.

My interaction with the producer at the studio changed the way I saw the world. As I mentioned in my previous response, I was amazed at the expertise that they possessed. Not only that, but the specificity was very impressive and intimidating at the same time.

It is such a specific field, and takes thousands of hours to become proficient at. The same idea applies to my guitar teacher; there are tons of instruments, all (arguably) equal in value. So why do people chose the instruments that they choose? Why do people decide to put tons of hours into becoming so proficient in a particular art form? These are questions that I never asked myself but now find myself asking constantly.

And finally, I realized the importance of family, and that they are my number one support network. I came to this realization from both positive and negative experiences. One of my parents was very supportive of my music and made me feel good and like what I was doing had meaning. My other parent made me feel like I was wasting my time and all this effort that I was putting into this was useless.

This transformation is valuable to my life because it not only taught me a different way to look at myself, but also it taught me a different way to look at others. We are all different, we all have different interest. What I might find valuable and “cool”, another may find worthless and “lame”. This project taught me the importance of acknowledging that not everyone has the same objective reality. When communicating with others, I must realize that we both don’t see the world the same way, and that I must appreciate what is important to them, even if it isn’t important to me.


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