New York Historical Trip

  1. My project involved traveling to New York City to visit many of its world famous history and art museums. From my experiences I was able to produce a variety of creative writings, pictures and journal entry posts that I plan to put together into a blog that I can share with others online. The blog will also discuss how my experience has influenced my decision to stick with becoming a teacher and how what I have learned can be used in the classroom.
  2. Through my trip I learned a lot of valuable history and how it affects our everyday lives. I was able to learn more about my own interests and why I had decided to pursue a teaching career in the first place. English and history are my two passions that I hope to share with others someday. In order to do this, I have to extend my knowledge to the best of my ability as well of be aware of how others learn and what they view as important. While walking through the museums, I also studied the people that were there and what they found to be most intriguing. Some exhibits were more popular than others and I wanted to find out what made them more interesting to people. New York is a world cultural center and people from many diverse backgrounds come there to see its sights. This reminded me of how my future students will all come from various backgrounds and learn in different ways. As teachers, we must accommodate all of ours students to make them feel valued and part of the classroom community. It is important to show to your students how passionate you are about what you teach so that they know how much you truly care.
  3. During my trip, I was greatly taken aback by how much history lies behind each and every piece of art or historical exhibit in a museum. There was so much more beyond what was written on the little descriptions beneath. They had multiple links and resources for the viewers to find out more information if they so desired. I will greatly keep this in mind when I am a teacher one day to encourage my students not to overlook things and to always look beyond what is given to them. The trip gave me a lot of valuable tips when it came to the resources I could use when teaching my students. Not all students are able to benefit from lecture and worksheets, and instead need a lot of variety in their instruction. Students can also learn a lot from hearing other students talk about their own experiences. They could discuss their own travels and connections they found while they were there, and how this could relate to literature being discussed in class. In the classroom, talking about our own experiences and backgrounds can build a sense of community and bring students together.
  4. The changes brought about by this trip were valuable in my life because it allowed me to explore my passions in a new place. Each place holds its own history and its important to explore it to become a well-educated person, especially if you plan on teaching others one day. My experiences on this trip reminded me of my love for History and English and reminded me of why I had decided to become an educator in the first place. Throughout college, it can be very challenging to doubt your major and start to wonder if you chose the wrong path for yourself, and it is very rewarding to be able to have experiences that reverse the doubts you had. We become so caught up in the original goal we set for ourselves when we entered college that we forget that most goals need to be reworked and rewritten. It is okay to change our minds and change our plans. We have to allow ourselves to experience new things, so that we can truly figure out what we want to do with our lives.


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