My signature STEP project was titled ‘SPEAKS’. This is an creative endeavor that I embarked on for about 9 weeks during the summer. This project was intended to assist me in creating an hip-hop compilation of songs written and performed by me. Along with the act of making music, the project was intended to further my knowledge of how to make music and the business behind the matter.

The biggest lesson I received from this journey that left an immense impact on me was the importance of having patience. With making art, I constantly found myself going running into creative roadblocks, because I felt that I was forcing ideas instead of letting them come naturally. Along with this battle, collaborating with other artists among the city of Columbus was problematic at times simply, because of schedules not matching up, so I felt that I had to settle for certain concepts at times.

With my transformation however, toward the latter period of the project, I began to recognize the issues with my conflicting situations and came to the understanding internally that I have to be more patient with things. Once I began to take better care of my mental health, I started to see changes in my life and in the progress of the project.

I had several family situations that occurred throughout the duration of the project that may have distracted me from being the best artist I can be. With those hardships, I began to push myself harder than I ever have to overcome the adversities, such as working multiple jobs, making music and maintaining a stable home life. I was spreading myself too thin in areas that I shouldn’t have and it led to me becoming frustrated with the music at times.

Once I was able to adjust to the hardships and the intense schedule I had, I started to feel more confident and my writing. This experience has allowed me to recognize my feelings when before I was unable to subscribe to them.In my opinion, music is the best way to express yourself, so when I wasn’t able to convey my message in its entirety, it gave me anxiety. I am aware now when I am in a certain mood I can’t make music, because it will feel forced and I will only get frustrated. While it being a constant struggle, I believe that this summer has helped me with my creative process.

Having more patience with the act of writing and recording music has helped me with my anxieties of time. During the entire project I worried myself with deadlines that I had set for myself. In the future I may allocate more time to finish projects now being aware of my creative process.

I feel that this important lesson of patience will  assist me in all areas of my life. This project has taught me not to be too hard on myself and to take care of my mental health, because that is when I feel the most confident in my music. This can easily be applied to my academics as well, with the approaching fall semester, I plan on pacing myself and not signing up for more than I can mentally take. This essential transformation that I believe I went through this summer has helped become a better person for the future and given me insight on how much more I want to pursue music as an career.


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