Game Development

Name: Gregory Ochs

1. My project was to create a video game, which involved game design and development work, and working with others. The company, Quadratic Games, LTD was created to facilitate working with others professionally, and is currently working with a client to develop a game.

2.It is surprisingly easy to say, “I’m going to make a video game”, and much harder to do it. Coming up with a game design is difficult, since it needs to form the backbone everything in the game. Everything in the game hinges on the this. My view on how hard it was to make video game has changed significantly during this project. This has given me a new insight on the video game industry and a new appreciation for those who are in it.


This project has also shown me some weaknesses of mine I need to work on. Time management is a skill that is universally needed, but actually learning it takes, well, time. I have had to deal with trying to accomplish too much in not enough time, and how to deal with it. I have had to reevaluate my time priorities on several occasions, trying to match up what I can do with what I what to do.

3. Our project was a bit of a rollercoaster. During the initial days, my partner and I worked together to just start doing work, “let’s just make a game.” We started by creating a prototype of a game, something to base our thoughts off. This simple game was about collecting resources to allow yourself to move faster. However, this did not really get us anywhere because we did not have a plan to move forward.


Soon afterwards a friend of my partners expressed interest in working with up to create a game with him. He had a vision for a game, but lacked the skills to actually create a game. He promised to find some more people for us to work with, and much to our surprise he did.

Once we started to work with them, we realized that how we were doing our project was backwards, as we were making before we designed. We learned about the importance of planning before you try to create something. This lesson is one that has many applications, especially in a professional setting.

4. My major here is Computer Science and Engineering, and this project has given me the change to give me new skills for the future. The amount of work coding needed to make a game function is incredible, but so is the amount of organization and design that needs to go into the code. Nothing can really give you the skills to create large programs other than writing one yourself. The skills needed to create a game are the same skills that are needed to create other forms of software, and this will give me an advantage in skills that will help me in my professional career.

What I have learned about myself and the skills I have gained doing this project have made me a better person and will help further me in my career. The project has given me an opportunity that I otherwise would not have been able to do.

One thought on “Game Development

  1. Learning a life lesson on time management, project completion, and realistic expectations is great to learn at this time in your career. Knowing how to manage these will allow you to take these skills into internship and full time careers in the future. It is great to think about all the elements that go into game design such as coding, planning, and time management.

    Hopefully you will be able to use this in future internships and professional opportunities.

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