In the fall, we started meeting for STEP; almost every meeting revolved around food, the first was an Ice Cream Social. I ran into someone I knew through Key Club, who ended up later that year being my RA; small world! I made friends with another student in my cohort when we went to the wrong meeting place. Over time, I worked on preparing my STEP portfolio and used the money to study and practice writing, to stay in Columbus for the summer, and to work on my musical abilities.

I learned to communicate better, smarter, and I feel more confident in my academic, personal, and professional life. I challenged myself to manage my time, to become a better version of myself.

I am grateful for every tool STEP provided me. STEP definitely challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone. It didn’t save me from the personal struggles I faced my sophomore year, likely nothing would have. It may have taken a bit longer than anticipated, it may have required these struggles, but I emerged transformed into this fortunate, bright young man who can find and communicate the positives in any situation. Thank you STEP; look out for my writing projects as they take new and exciting forms!

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