Dancing My Way Through College

My STEP signature project consisted of developing and preparing a dance performance for my all-male fusion dance team called OSU Genesis, and have the chance to perform and compete at intercollegiate competitions spreading the South Indian Culture. I got the chance to travel to various universities across the country, competing at the highest level while showcasing our talents and spreading South Indian culture through dance.

Ever since I was a child, I loved Bollywood movies and the dancing that is part of it. Never did I think that I would be able to reenact one of my favorite movies by playing the role of one of my favorite actors. STEP allowed me the opportunity to live this dream of being a Bollywood star.

Every dance performance that colleges perform in this national circuit has a theme to it where teams try to tell a story through dance and dialogue. Our theme this year was one of my favorite movies – Once Upon a Time in Mumbai – and I had the opportunity to be one of the lead roles from the movie and one of the lead dancers in the performance. This experience completely transformed my understanding of myself and what I was capable of. I never thought that I would be able to be one of the lead dancers in a performance and act out dialogue of one of my favorite actors, but through this experience I was able to grow as a dancer and performer to live my dream of being a Bollywood star.

I never danced before college, but I fell in love with the art form ever since my first performance freshman year. Dance has taught me to be more discipline, meet amazing new people, and has fostered my personal growth. It has served as a huge part of my Ohio State experience and allowed me to achieve heights that I never thought I could reach.

Dance has taught me the importance of discipline and time management. Having practice for upwards of 12 hours a week, I have learned to manage my time well in order to complete all my tasks and school work with the limited time I have. I am more organized and better at realizing what to prioritize in order to complete everything I want to. As a result, I am more successful in the academic setting and more efficient in completing my work.

Dance has also given me the opportunity to meet new people and foster new friendships. Genesis is like a brotherhood – we care for each other, motivate each other, and respect one another. In addition, going to various competitions around the country has allowed me to network with hundreds of students around the nation and build connections that would last a lifetime.

Finally, dance has helped me grow as a person. I have learned to express my emotions more freely as I immerse into a different world and character when I’m on stage. In addition, I am able to use dance as a stress reliever to relieve my mind after a rough day. Finally, I have grown tremendously as a leader while guiding teammates through choreography and motivating them to be the best dancers they can be.
This transformation is significant and valuable to my life for numerous reasons. I have always wanted to dance on stage and live my dream of being a Bollywood star. I was able to reach this goal through hard work, dedication, and overcoming of my fears of stage-fright and self-consciousness. Dance has taught me to be proud of who I am and to be able to express myself freely without and reservations. STEP has allowed me to continue my passion of dance and be able to portray one of my favorite Bollywood actors in a dance performance representing this university, my friends, and most importantly – myself.