Artistic and Creative Endeavor App Project

For my STEP signature project, I designed an application using equipment and licenses. I developed an app using the newer coding language created by Apple, Swift (2014), using the IDE Xcode created for developing iOS apps.


The main change I underwent throughout completion of the project was learning how to program a graphical user interface (GUI) and learning that it is not where I see my career going. Although I’ve been programming for many years, I’ve always done small command-line programs that completed different simple tasks. The closest thing I had ever done to creating a user interface was creating html websites. Although I enjoyed creating this app and learning the new language Swift, I realized that this isn’t the type of work I want to do in the future. There are many specialized fields that a programmer or software engineer can go into, and I learned throughout this that I do not want to do higher level programming, but would rather work on things at a lower level. I completed this project while I was at an internship with Intel working on firmware validation, and I found that I preferred the lower-level C code and thought it was more enjoyable to creating an application with high-level Swift.


Throughout completion of my STEP project, I realized that I struggle with programming graphical user interfaces (GUIs). I’ve programmed a small calculator in Java before starting on my STEP project, but I only created the logic, not the appearance. When I originally started programming the app, I thought I would struggle with the language the most, but as I kept working, I realized that picking up the new language was simple, but when it came to the UI, I had no idea where to start, despite the templates available. I followed tutorials having to pause every few minutes and even now, I feel like I don’t truly understand how the connections were made between the controller and the view. I ended up running through the tutorial multiple times to try and grasp what I was doing instead of just how to do it. In an attempt to push myself and learn how to program an application without a guide, I tried to modify the app created at the end of the tutorial to have a small change that I preferred, but struggled with build error after build error. I ended up having to look up a multitude of tutorials to then figure out how to make the changes that I thought were simple. Of all the things I have programmed, creating this incredibly simple app was the hardest. Not only did I struggle to grasp it, I felt frustrated that the final product I produced could not be as perfect and as new and creative as I had imagined.


This change is valuable to my life because it opened my eyes into what I want to go into. Although creating this app did not make me realize that I want to go into application development, it did show me where my strengths and weaknesses lie as a programmer and what I get joy out of working with. For the longest time I thought I wanted to go into higher level programming because it is easier for you to see your progress and final result, but I have come to realize that my passion for C throughout my coursework and my enjoyment of computer networking classes could be a more suitable career for me to pursue. Although it may be harder to see progress, it is what I am more passionate about.







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  1. I am glad to see that you were able to learn through this internship that you do not see your career going towards GUI. It is great when you are able to learn more about your career goals though an internship rather than a full time position.

    Great to see that you continued to prevail and work towards learning new knowledge when it came to the GUI. Glad to see you were able to find more of your strengths and weaknesses!

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