Creative Endeavor Computer Project

This Creative Endeavor Project was to immerse myself in the art of creating a personal computer. This would promote and further creative expression over a multitude of media after networking/researching with professionals/hobbyists and to understand the computer’s components and their functionality between one another.   

The project showed me my capability to shine again as a person and bring out a side of myself I never truly brought forth. Throughout the project I found myself becoming bolder, more confident, and more proficient in myself, my own abilities in computer building, and in my own life. I allowed myself to be more open-minded during this project and it helped me come back to a part of my life that I left behind for the wrong reasons. Creativity was not the only part of me to grow during this project. I also became resourceful during my project by recycling older computers or gifted components to best suit the build I went for. Problem-solving followed suit as I quickened my analysis of issues during my project and the troubleshooting of the completed computer. The computer components were vast in their individual and group functionality, though as I was to build a personal computer, the information was more simply put than that of larger scale projects. I appreciated this knowledge, utilizing it as a way to better myself in life by seeking out what helps me be more myself and build myself in preparation for my focuses in life.  My social anxiety was broken, and I realized this upon reflecting recent moments of my openness towards others in classes, work, and the public in general. I saw the way I dressed and acted as I networked impacted my professionalism and prompted me to me mindful on how I went about my way in life. This has also allowed my view of others to be renewed; as I networked I came across others with their own unique viewpoints and adapted to easily work with them. Furthermore, my well-being was renewed from what it was during the school year as the project not only taught me the art of computer build design, but to improve and optimize myself. This was done by mirroring my life to how I was shown to build computer by each individual I encountered.

I began my project fall semester and had only a few places in mind to go to to accomplish my goals. The main places were computer repair stores and forums to seek out the  professionals and hobbyists, and as I was about to start the first day I came across the idea of really expressing myself through this project. I instead went to the Department of Art, Hopkins Hall to find those who could point me in the right direction of designing and constructing a unique computer case. It was a week later when I had my materials for the design, though I fell short of time of continuing my project and chose to focus on my studies.

From this time, I fell physically, mentally, and emotionally to my lowest point from scholastic and family stress and coping with living on my own. I sought help, and halfway through the spring semester, I came back to complete my project. I felt guilty for not working to complete it and began  incorporating it in with the classwork. I began to meet with professionals at repair stores and hobbyists I were referred to by peers. I was reluctant to meet others for the project, as I still over-worried and belittled myself from the depressed time in my life, though I quickly began to look at life in the opposite sense as I met with Holland Computers. The individuals I met there were kind and promoted the unique case I constructed and were the start of many more interactions. I began to believe in myself again and felt this project could help me in more ways than one, though I was almost deterred by dead end networks from three other locations that seemed promising in helping me.

I finished my project in the middle of summer approximately the time I proposed I would. From spring semester to summer, the project brought out in me the motivation to restructure myself in the same way I structured the computer for immersion into other art media. I knew I was not going towards the future I had wanted at the start of college and the low point in my life pointed to the worst; I gathered what I knew about myself and geared my life toward that. This is similar to how to the project computer needed to lead with a strong processor and needed all other components to support it.

I have always done better with more work and sought out a research assistant position. I lived in a single room dorm the past year, and reflecting back, I remembered I do better in an apartment lifestyle, which I had freshman year. I also took classes over the summer to boost my GPA back up. All these changes and more in the way of how I display myself have all stemmed from learning about how the components promote the computer type. As I continued to open up and communicate with others, friends, family, and strangers alike, I was pushed further to fill my words’ meanings with actions allowing myself the resolution of self -honesty. Others have also shown me that you are never alone as they wished to help me in my endeavor, such as a new friend donating a case or a family member giving me a broken laptop. They showed me that from the project I was learning from that I could do more and my resourcefulness shined as I utilized parts of those gifts into my computer. I still felt I took advantage of allowing my project to halt, but I figured out that not all the media I want to immerse myself in needed money to use the software and from that notion I found free software for all the art media I want to delve into and saved my proposal amount to give back to the STEP program.

As I stated earlier, this project has helped me to become more confident and to push myself in new ways. This has already started to benefit me in terms of being more confident and focused in my studies, and I also believe that this will help me in my professional life as well, now and continuing on after college. The professionalism and courtesy that I have learned through this project will greatly help me in future jobs, such as with interviews and how I communicate with coworkers and customers alike. I also believe that this self-confidence combined with the creativity of this project has helped me to be comfortable in situations that most may not be, such as presenting new ideas during group projects, in class or at work, or even presenting a new idea to the company I work for. It is very important to be able to speak your mind especially professionally and to be able to get your ideas across clearly. Aside from this, the creativity in this project has given me an idea for my very own business, that of designing computer cases and selling them online. Most cases are very bland and boring, usually simple colors like white or black and square. With the media the project computer will run I could create a vast array of designs, models, and video demos of unique case designs.

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