Guitar and Voice Lessons

Kristen Cook

Artistic and Creative Endeavors

My STEP Signature Project was to learn a new musical instrument. I took guitar lessons along with some voice lessons once a week for a few months.

I used to take piano lessons but those ended when my piano teacher stopped giving lessons due to her pregnancy. Piano came relatively easy to me, so I thought guitar would as well. My assumption was wrong as I found playing the guitar much more challenging. Taking lessons again made me realize just how much I miss music and how much I want to incorporate it back into my life. This project has changed the way I understand music in which I have a deeper appreciation. I did not realize, especially with the voice lessons portion, how technical and difficult producing the right sound can be.

My first guitar instructor was Victoria until she left Ohio in pursuit of a new job. Victoria was very knowledgeable and even part of a band. She taught me a decent amount about singing that I had not known. For example, singing should not hurt your throat, because your air should come from the diaphragm. It is also important to stay hydrated to produce the best sound from the vocal chords. A problem that I faced was that I often sang from my throat which is incorrect. The sound should almost feel as if you are pulling it from the forehead with a bit of nasal.

Most of my guitar lessons came from a different instructor Hannah. There are many reasons why I found guitar to be quite more difficult than the piano. With the guitar, calluses form after you begin playing, and it hurts the tips of your fingers in the beginning. It’s also quite difficult to stretch your fingers to make the different chords. Making a bar chord is especially difficult, because you have to press on multiple strings with one finger.

Both of my instructors were very kind and had some form of a degree in music. After my designated lessons were over, I was even able to get back in touch with one of my instructors in which she was able to recommend me to another local, well-credited guitar instructor to continue lessons. Also, learning guitar has given me a new outlet to turn to when stress of school, life, and various other things begins to accumulate.

This change is significant, because this experience has allowed me to learn more about myself. It has allowed me to rekindle my passion for music. I love to learn and am a very goal-oriented person. Learning the guitar has given me another goal to work towards. Also, improving my singing voice and learning a new instrument has helped to boost my self-confidence. I’ve always wanted to improve my voice and play the acoustic guitar. This experience has allowed me to realize that my aspirations and wishes are not as far away as I thought. I hope to keep music a part of my life and continue to learn new instruments.

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