America by Rail

I am an aspiring architect who desires to travel the world. Although I desire to travel the world I have not gone much further west of the United States of America than Indiana. Well, that was until I had the opportunity to create my own artistic endeavor. To be an architect you need to travel and experience the built environment first hand rather than just through our history books. What better place to start then a cross country trip by train in the country in which I reside in and plan to stat a career in.

Amtrak has a rail pass in which you can organize your own stops and for how long you plan to stay in each city. The rail pass must be completed in 15 days and you are allowed up to 8 stops. This was a perfect opportunity for me to better explore the United States of America. The train made it nice because I did not have to focus on driving and was able to relax and enjoy the views along the way.

Over a fifteen-day period I had traveled from New York City to New Orleans, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Seattle, and Chicago. This was an amazing experience to travel to many places that I had never been to before and to explore the architecture and the cultural variations among the cities.

This experience has transformed and expanded my cultural experiences. Even with in the first week of classes this semester we have already talked about many of the buildings that I had the experience of visiting first hand. I feel my understanding of the designs and ideas behind the buildings that I have been able to explore has helped improve my understanding of architecture.

Along the trip I kept a blog, if you would like to see more specifics on the places I went and the things I did feel free to visit my blog and stroll through the pictures and the itinerary of the trip.

I am so happy that the STEP program had given me the opportunity to create my own project and to be able to grow as an architecture student.

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