STEP Artistic Experience: Mark Mishak

Hello, my name is Mark Mishak, and this summer I used my STEP money to complete an exciting artistic endeavor. I used this money to learn a skill I have wished to possess for a long time. I have always wanted to proficiently learn how to play an instrument. So, this summer I used the STEP money to help pay for a flute, as well as flute lessons. Initially, i bought the instrument and then proceeded to take lessons. I play to continue lessons with my own funding after I run out of STEP money. Learning how to play an instrument is a very valuable skill one can possess. In today’s professional field, well rounded individuals are greatly sought after, and having a skill that sets you apart from the crowd. Having an interesting skill can easily give someone the upper hand at a interview. By gaining an artistic skill such as this, I feel myself more connected to the current art community. I have made many friends through flute lessons, who have introduced me to many different aspects of the modern day art community. Before this experience, i was extremely unaware of the current culture of the arts within the country. My friends from flute lessons have taken me to a vast number of art museums, festivals, and concerts across the country. Being in college, it is sometimes easy to forget about everything except grades, but through this experience i was able to become more in touch with the artistic community. I believe that this awareness is extremely valuable, i will now be able to see new and upcoming artistic communities within the country.