Name: Dina Ballard

Type of Product: Creative Endeavor.

  1.      My STEP project was centered around my internship at All N 1 Studio, which is a photography studio. Throughout the summer, I was required to work on projects with LaTosha Ward, the owner of the Studio. With that she required me to come up with and successfully complete a personal project to contribute to my portfolio.
  2.      Before the STEP experience, I knew that I was passionate about photography, but I was also somewhat insecure about my talent. I would be nervous to shoot for people in case things did not turn out the way that I intended. I knew that I had a passion to give a voice to those that were unrepresented with my art. That’s all I ever wanted to do. While completing my experience, I was required to trust myself, trust my camera, and trust my craft. My experience showed me that I prefer to work with people that are underprivileged and often ignored. With that, I was able to appreciate myself as an artist and build my confidence in myself. I became a stronger and more professional individual as a result of my STEP experience.
  3.     a. My personal project required me to go to the rough neighborhoods of Cincinnati. I wanted to bring forth the beauty of those areas and people that are often neglected. The people that saw the shoot taking place and wanted to be a part of it, appreciated the message I was trying to get across. They loved the photos and they loved how I was able to see the good on their home and their people. That was something they didn’t experience often. I definitely think that my personal project is what caused the transformation in me and made me a better version of myself.

b. Having to work with a model that was accustomed to shooting and professionalism contributed to the building of my confidence as an artist immensely. I can say that going into this specific shoot was exciting as well as nerve wrecking. It was intimidating as Ms. Ward had me working alone with this model. I was under a great amount of pressure to represent myself and my mentor in a positive manner. I was able to push through my nerves and make my project into something greater than I desired.

c. Ms. Ward is very serious about her professionalism and this experience helped mold me into an artist that puts that first as well. There wasn’t any room for me to ever keep a client waiting or to be late with something she held me responsible for. As I am working on my own now, this is something that my personal clients have come to respect about me. I am grateful for her sternness as it made me a better entrepreneur.

4. This change is significant as it helped carry me to higher levels. I am now an artist that is respected and getting paid for her craft. I feel confident to work with people and give them exactly what they feel visioned for themselves. My confidence in myself made me a better student and is helping me venture into my goals of being an entrepreneur with my work.

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