My Recording Experience

  1. My STEP Signature Project was recording an EP CD. I had to first go into a recording studio and sit down with someone to divide out what all costs are necessary to successfully make a CD. Then, I had to go in and do what was planned, and successfully created a 5 song EP CD.

  1. Before I started my STEP experience, I had no idea exactly how much work went into recording an EP CD. I knew there were a lot of hours put into it, but I did not realize how many different things had to be done before we could even begin the actual recording. This helped me to practice time management along with patience.

  1. During the process of this project, I had to interact with a bunch of new people whether it may be a musician I would like to use on the EP, or just someone asking me about my project in general. This helped to push me out of my comfort zone and made communication with others easier for me to do. Thus helping me make more connections in the music world. I am more comfortable going onto a stage and talking to larger crowds along with making causal conversation with any passing stranger when necessary.

This new skill of communication also helped me form a great bond between my producer and I. Before, I was never able to open up and speak my mind especially with my music. The bond that was created between my producer, my band, and me helped me to voice my opinions about what I wanted in my music. With still keeping an open mind, my opinions, and the opinions of everyone else that was involved, we were able to create something I could only have dreamt of four years ago.

This is also due to the courage that this project helped me to find within myself. Before, I did not only have terrible stage fright, but I was also terrified to have people read the songs that I wrote in fear of them not being well written. Now, I take pride in any and every song that I write, and take any feedback as positive feedback to help me improve myself as an artist.

Not only did succeeding in finishing this project help me in the musical world, it helped me bring new views to the real world as well, and see life with a new perspective. I am now gladly able to accept any challenge with a smile knowing that I am capable of taking it on.

  1. Music has always been a huge part of my life, and being able to accomplish something like this opens up a pathway of opportunities for me in the future. I will always pursue music even if it is just as a hobby. I am so glad that the STEP Organization helped to make this dream of mine a truly wonderful reality.

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