Opening the Third Eye: A Journey in Reflection

For my STEP Experience I embarked on an artistic endeavor. I have been drawing since I was a kid, so it made sense for me to pursue it further through STEP. I love to create artwork that is both visually stimulating and eerie; often blending multiple mediums in the process. I love to distort faces, abstract images, and even mutilate my art to create interesting and unusual textures. Hence, for my project I purchased art supplies, as well as instructional material to further develop my artistic ability and a camera to document my progress and works along the way.

  • What did you learn? This experience deeply fostered my growth as person. Through it I learned that art is more important to me than I ever thought. It is one of the purest expressions of me and I was able to connect with a part of myself that is often derelict. Moreover, the instructional material that I purchased further aided my growth as an artist by granting me a greater understanding of artistic techniques such as light, contrast, depth and shading.
  • How did this experience impact you personally? The experience allowed me to gain a better understanding of myself as I created artwork. Making the artwork was a deeply spiritual practice for me. When I created the art time ceased to exist and I was able to access a deep present energy within and connect with the divine in myself. Each piece took me to a level of consciousness where I was greatly at peace. I also learned to accept myself unconditionally. This was probably the greatest impact the work had on me. It taught me not to judge myself and be comfortable with my expression because with each piece I had to completely let go of expectations to create something extraordinary.
  • How did your experience impact your academic, personal, and life goals moving forward? The experience helped me realize that art is meant to be shared. After the experience I began photographing my artwork and created a Facebook page to share my pieces with my friends and family. From there on, I began posting my work on other social media sites such as Twitter and Tumblr. Furthermore, I opened an online store where I began selling prints of my work which further inspired me to start my own line of streetwear.
  • What was your favorite part of your experience? My favorite part of the experience was creating the artwork and seeing my ideas come to life. I was thrilled because what started out as a blank canvas, lit up right before my eyes. Each piece was a miracle on its own.


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