Licensed to Fly

1.) With the money I received from the STEP program I got my Private Pilot’s License. The money went into lessons and test costs. While I spent time in the sky I captured my experiences through aerial photography.


2.)During my project I really transformed into a better person. Getting your pilots license is not an easy task and there were times I wanted to give up but I persevered. I saw a goal and I worked towards it. Along with this I was fortunate enough to be able to see the world from above. Its absolutely breath taking. I wanted to be able to share the beauty I saw with my friends and family and this helped push me through to the end.


3.) My instructor, Jamie, was really a blessing through the entire process. He was always patient when I didn’t understand something and would take time out of his day to help me even if we didn’t have anything scheduled that day. I am also his first student to solo an airplane AND to get their license! This was a huge honor for me and I’m glad I could go start to finish with Jamie.

My grandpa was also a huge inspiration. He’s been flying since before I was born and owns his own plane. I was exposed to small planes at such a young age that I’ve always just had a fascination for them. In the past few years he has decided that he can no longer operate the plane by himself and so its pushed me to get done with my license faster so that I can fly with him again, but this time I’ll be in the pilot seat!

I also happen to work at the airport I learned to fly at! I’ve made some great friendships during my time there and I cherish every one of them. The airport is family owned and operated outside of my hometown that is a grass strip, both rare traits these days! People come from all over to fly our taildraggers and with our instructors. All of the people I’ve met or work with have all invested time into me so that I could get my license and it means so much to me how much they cared and cheered me on.


4.) This transformation into someone I believe is a better person has really set me up to continue changing and to continue to become someone better than I am. This project taught me that all good things come with hard work and perseverance even in the face of defeat. I learned that I always have friends who care for me and that I can make friends and acquaintances so easily. Academically, I now know that even the toughest of projects can be finished on a deadline and can be done well. And to top it all off, I get to fly an airplane through the sky and see all that the world has to offer.


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