Katie Frank Creative and Artistic Reflection

Katie Frank

Creative and Artistic Endeavor 

1.      For my STEP project I wanted to expand upon using my creativity and utilize the medium of digital art to help me in pursuing a future in some artistic field. My project entails using a GoPro to take interesting pictures throughout a calendar year and recreating them in the digital art form of a Cintiq art tablet that connects to my computer.

2.     While completing this STEP project, although I am still in the process, I have learned a great deal about myself and the world around me. About myself, I have come to the realization that I have a lot more patience than I previously thought. Creating digital art is a lot harder than I assumed it would be and it requires focus, a steady hand, and a great deal of practice. The patience I have had to find within myself to continue to practice and get better at using this equipment has allowed me to realize that I do possess the potential to grow and get better.

During my STEP process, my perspective of the world around me has been changed. I now find myself seeing beauty and potential in things that I would have previously never paid much attention to. I look at something and think to myself – how can I recreate that? I now notice small details and the way shadows and textures make up our world and the things we see. I now appreciate how lighting can completely change the mood/feelings conveyed in a setting. I am so thankful and appreciative for the new found value and observance of my surroundings.

3.      My very first time interacting with the tablet, I had to get familiar with the setup of the equipment and all the software. After that, I had to experiment with the different components of the drawing program, such as the tools (paint brush, pencil, pen, airbrush, etc) and their size/color options. All of the familiarization with the equipment took about 5 hours. From the time I opened a blank slate for my first project to the time I put on the finishing touches took about 15 hours, and the picture was formulated on a slate the size of an average computer screen. A piece that size would have never taken me that long had I used paper and pencils. This new foreign way of creating art was challenging and required large amounts of patience and perseverance to want to continue in getting better.

Since half of my project consists of taking the initial picture with my GoPro, I have developed a hyper-sensitive awareness of the details that make up my surroundings. When thinking of a new project to begin, I want the picture I use to convey a certain emotion or feeling. I want to be able to touch people with my art in a subjective but powerful way. That being said, I am always looking for images that would be aesthetically pleasing but also thought provoking. This has led me to pay extra close attention to the details that make up what we see and how each small piece of the environment (such as shading and texture) makes up the larger and very beautiful picture. I am so thankful for this attention and appreciation of detail because I now see so many more dimensions of beauty in my environment than I used to.

Finally, I think the most important take away that I have gotten from this STEP project personally is my desire to grow and improve in areas that I enjoy. In college, I feel as though we are put on a safe path to secure a safe job after we graduate. We are constantly preached to on the importance of being the best at everything everyone else is trying to do so employers pick you over them. My STEP project allowed me to capitalize on the fact that we all have unique talents, and we should not give them up or shy away from cultivating them simply because they do not correlate with a certain major.

4.     The personal change and development I was able to develop through this STEP experience is valuable for both my personal and professional goals. My personal goals include finding joy in all that I do and leaving everything/everyone a little better than the way I found it. Having the opportunity to capture such beautiful detail and recreate it in my own interpretive style brings me such joy. Art has always been a large part of my life, and being able to pursue it has been an incredibly enriching experience. In addition, the friends and family that I show my art to have expressed their enjoyment with humbling words and the request that I produce more. This directly ties into my other personal goal of leaving things/others better than the way I found them; bringing others joy through my art brings me such an overwhelming sense of pride and fulfillment.

My professional goals include being able to tie in my art and creativity into some type of business setting, or even starting my own business/gallery. Having this advanced technology at my fingertips to practice and utilize my talent makes me all the more prepared for the fast-paced art industry in the 21st century. This equipment will also help me develop a strong portfolio to show to potential clients that are interested in commissioning me for private pieces, or even businesses that would be interested in hiring me for their creative departments.



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