Pediatric Nursing Conference (Chicago, IL)

For my STEP experience, I attended a Pediatric Nursing Conference in Chicago, IL. I was able to learn about new products and advancements in pediatric nursing, as well as networking with advance nursing clinicians and current nursing students.

This experience changed me as a person tremendously. I was pushed outside of my comfort zone by meeting, working, and discussing with new people. We were able to speak of current problems in the pediatric nursing world as well as our own personal experiences in the field. My perspective of pediatric nursing in different geographic locations was greatly impacted. Learning how different standards or procedures can be in different locations was incredible. Also, learning how similar nurses from all across the country treat and care for their patients gave me great hope and excitement for my future in this field.I was impacted and inspired by all the amazing nurses at this conference and all they are doing to help those in need all over the world.

One of the greatest impacts or take aways I personally had from this conference was talking about the current social epidemics and how they relate to the pediatric nursing world. For example, obesity is becoming a large issue in America. We discussed at great lengths how childhood obesity is on the rise and how we as nurses can handle, teach, and heal appropriately. Likewise, we learned about patient discrimination based on weight and how to avoid letting our own biases impact our care and how to teach peers and colleagues to do the same.

Another great experience I had at the conference was speaking with a woman who had done research on new nebulizing equipment to treat young children diagnosed with asthma. She spoke about the need for a national standard for treating young patients with asthma, and I learned a lot from her. I learned not just about caring for young children with asthma but also about finding a niche in the pediatric field that you love and how many different directions you can take nursing in your future.

Lastly, I had a great experience speaking with a woman whom recently graduated with her BSN and is now employed at the Children’s Hospital of Kansas City. She talked about how she is still not in her dream job but taking the steps to get there is important. She also spoke about how she moved away from friends and family for her first job. She had great insight on how graduating and entering the job filed with a nursing degree can be more difficult than you think. She was a great resource of knowledge pertaining to how my life may look in a few, close years.

This experience has been incredibly valuable to my life, my career, and my studies. I was able to see how the information I am learning in my nursing classes at Ohio State pertains to the clinical world. I saw the current events tie into past learned information, and how I can relate the two when I begin working as a nurse in just a few short years. I was also able to network and speak with those currently working in the pediatric nursing field. This helped me gain large amount of knowledge on the specifics of working in a pediatric hospital, how to get hired, and what experiences will help you succeed in finding your dream job. Lastly, I personally pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and changed my life in more ways than i thought was possible. I got to explore the city of Chicago while learning about one of my greatest passions. This trip will be a memory I will never forget, and one that will continue to impact me personally and professionally for the rest of my life.





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