Scientific Roots in Europe- Education Abroad- Erin Sheehan

My step project included traveling to London and Paris through a study abroad program called Scientific Roots in Europe. During this time we were able to tour various scientific sites in Europe and see the city.

During my step project, I learned how to be more independent and travel abroad by myself. Before my project, I was relatively independent. However, after my experience, I was able to learn how to navigate the underground subways in both London and Paris and not get lost in order to get from place to place. I assumed everything would be exactly out of a post card. Instead it was very different from what I experienced. Every moment I spent was unexpected and completely worth it. The places we visited allowed for once in a lifetime experiences such as Stonehenge, Kensington Palace, the Louvre, etc. I noticed this change when I returned and realized how much I had gained from my experiences in Europe.

During my time in Europe, we began by touring various museums in London such as the British Museum, the London eye, the scientific royal society, etc. We then were able to take time on our own to explore the city and see other places we were interested like Kensington palace, Stonehenge, etc. We later were able to travel to Paris and see the Eiffel tower, the Arc De Triumph, the Louvre, etc. While abroad, I became very close with the people in my group and had an amazing time with them.

This led to my transformation through giving me the opportunity to get lost in a foreign city and become more independent. Before my step project, I never thought that I would go abroad let alone to London and Paris. These two cities had always been on my list of where I wanted to go. I am so thankful for the opportunity step has given me to travel abroad. Without my step project, I would have never had the opportunity to see a different culture and learn more about other cities.

Other key experiences that I was able to have was the amazing opportunity to see where various scientists lived and worked. This was inspiring as a science major after learning about these people since high school and finally being able to see their houses/ labs and walk the paths they walked. I hope to one day return to these cities and see them once again.

This transformation was significant in my life by showing me other cultures and helping me become more independent. Because I am interested in going to medical school, I did not think I would have time to go on a study abroad. However, this project has forever impacted my life and has given me the opportunity to see Europe. Seeing various scientist’s homes/ labs was incredible and has been valuable to my career in science.