Québec, Canada Study Abroad

  1. This summer, for 5 weeks, I studied and practiced speaking French, both inside and outside of the classroom in Québec city.  I went to class, participated in fun educational activities, and explored the city and what it had to offer.
  2. Over these 5 weeks, I became much more culturally aware.   This was the first time I had ever been outside of the United States before.  I also learned to speak French significantly better than before, and learned to effectively communicate with people who do not speak English.  This experience has made me enjoy the French language much more, I now consider speaking French something fun to do, instead of something I just have to do for class.
  3. During this trip I made so many friends, including those from OSU, those from Québec, and those from all over the world who also participated in the same program. All of the friends that I made had such a huge positive impact on my experiences, and I consider myself lucky I got to share my experiences with them.

    After class, each day, there were optional activities that we were able to participate in, most of them being free.  These activities included: going to museums, going canoeing, playing soccer, going to a baseball game, wine and cheese tasting, hiking, karaoke night, improvisation, singing, and much more.  These activities were to make friends and have fun; but they were mostly there so we could practice speaking French, with other students, in a relaxed setting.  Some of the activities that I participated in made my trip unforgettable.

    I made many friendships with people from all over the world, but the friends I became the closest with were the ones that came from OSU, because we spent so much time together.  I felt consistently encouraged to go outside my comfort zone, and that feeling is what helped push me to have the best experience I possibly could.

  4. The way that the program has transformed me is something that I can use in my future.  Speaking French better is personal goal of mine; but also something I require for my future academic goals.  I currently plan on applying for OSU’s graduate program for French Education, and being able to speak French well is absolutely a requirement for that.  The French I learned on this trip also allows me to do better in the French classes I am currently taking.

    Not only will my improved French be beneficial to me in my future, but also the friendships I made and my better cultural awareness.  Those are things that help in every moment of everyday life, and so I am so happy that I have them.