May in Madrid

My project was Called May in Madrid a study abroad through The Ohio State University. I lived in Spain for one month were I studied the history and experience the culture of Spain.

Studying abroad in Spain was a time of self discovery for me. It was the first time I left the comfort of my home county. I needed to break my comfort zones to be able to grow as a person. I realized that importance of understanding different cultures other than my own. My patient grew while I was trying to adapt to other cultures and realizing the different ways countries have of doing things. I realized that I need to be a more determined individual. I need to have a higher work ethic if I want to succeed. No matter what country people genuinely want the same things. These things are to live and to have fulfilling lives. There are many different paths to achieve these and I believe after my trip I am closer to finding my path.

I was living in a foreign country f which the languages spoken I knew little. I was determined to learn how to communicate with the locals. My main goal was to be able to order food in the Spanish tongue. It was a struggle at first where I would grow frustrated with myself and end up just having to point to the menu to get my point across. After a great deal of patience and determination I was able to order the food I wanted and I felt very accomplished. I was even able to make friends with some Spaniard speaking basic Spanish. It amazed me how much you can communicate with someone by doing little talking.

Leaving the comfort of the U.S open a door for self growth and discovery. I believe I realized that I was going down the wrong path in life. I felt like my eyes open up to the actions in my past. I am now ready to succeed in life. There was one moment on the trip where we were hiking in a mountain outside of Madrid. This was a sense of realization that I was halfway across the world. My group I was with was talking about everything they have accomplished so far in college and I was realized that I need to increase my productivity and drive if I want to become successful in my future.

This was the first time I was immersed in another country cultural. I was a foreigner in a country where I Knew little of their languages and customs. I know have a whole new look on how immigrants feel when they come to America. It is a hard situation trying to just be a guest in the country let alone trying to start a new life in a foreign country must be an extremely hard challenge. I learned that I need to be patient with foreign cultures,and do my best to understand these customs. I now know it is best to respect and see the positive of other cultures. I can learn and even adapt other cultural into my way of life.

I believe I am know more equipped to be successful in my life and career. This has been a life changing experience that has open my eyes in different ways. I now see it best to watch, try to picture myself in someone else’s situation, and truly to understand someone before I make judgements of others. I am now more a more determined and driven person than I once was. I believe I am more able to adapt and be a to solve problem better than I was once. I am grateful to been able to experience the country of Spain and I will always cherish the memories I made.