During my STEP project, I did a study abroad. I went to London, England and Rome, Italy. We were there for the whole month of May, and it was an amazing time.


I experienced a great change in myself. I really learned that I enjoy educating people. I have studied Classics at Ohio State for the past three years. During our time in Rome I found myself constantly spitting little facts about the city, the Romans, the architecture, or the history constantly. I really enjoyed educating my fellow students about Roman history. I found out about myself that I want to pursue education.


I think the whole trip was a sort of transformation for myself. Im not a very social person. I tend to stick to myself and not really reach out to people or outside of my comfort zone. The whole trip I was able to get close to twelve whole new people in my life. I was also able to educate them about things that they did not know before going on this trip.

I loved educating people about Roman history. I have been studying Latin since my freshman year of high school. I have learned so much about Roman history through the ancient language. I have only seen some of the art, architecture, and city of Rome through books and pictures. It was amazing to see it all in person and finally feeling like what I was learning was real and not just in books. I loved sharing my knowledge with my fellow classmates.


This change is huge for my personal life. I really did not know what I wanted to do after graduating. I had no idea if I wanted to do more school, or move home, or what. I now know that I want to pursue education. I think I’m going to pursue getting my education license to teach History or Latin. I only have one year left of undergrad until I pursue my next chapter. This trip really helped me decide what I wanted to do after that.



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