Education Abroad: Internship in Madrid Spain

I decided to complete my STEP signature project through a study abroad internship in Madrid Spain. During my internship I worked with a small non-profit in Spain that helped me to develop my marketing skills. When I was not exploring the city of Madrid, I was able to travel around Spain and Europe on the weekends.

Before I got to Spain I thought I knew Spanish, I thought I knew what a tortilla was, and I thought I knew more about marketing. However, throughout my time in Spain and working with my company I was able to learn so much! Keeping an open mind and being with an amazing group of people allowed me to see the way I viewed things differently. It also allowed me to see the business world from a different point of view and develop my business and personal skills!

The first transformation I made during my STEP signature project was to listen and if you don’t get it the first time, ask! I worked for a company that only communicated to me in Spanish, which at first was a challenge I had to overcome. The Spanish in Spain is completely different from the Spanish learned in the U.S. and they speak so fast! I had to learn to listen closely and ask people to repeat information or slow down when they spoke to me. It is because of this I was able to complete tasks to my full potential and improve my Spanish.

The second transformation I made was to try everything, even if you don’t know what it is! Fun fact a Spanish tortilla is a dish made with potatoes and onions it is not a flour or corn tortilla we are used to! Trying new things also allowed me to have great nights with friends and co-workers, travel to new places, and eat some crazy things! This outlook on the trip made it easier to enjoy the little things and keep and open mind throughout the journey.

The last transformation I was able to make, was in my professional career. I was able to learn more about the marketing field, make connections, and understand the nonprofit world better. This real life experience will allow me to apply it to the classroom and continue to strive towards my marketing degree.

The transformation made on my study abroad internship will help me in all aspects of my life! I was able to make great friendships that allowed me to meet more people in the business school which means more study partners. I was also able to learn more and gain real life experience in my field which will help me both in and out of the classroom. Lastly, this transformation will help me to work towards my goals of traveling and working for a nonprofit!

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