Corfu, Greece

My STEP Signature Project was traveling abroad to Corfu, Greece, while taking a history class there with fellow Ohio State students. We attended class five days a week and traveled all around the island of Corfu.

While studying abroad, I learned how to be more accepting of other cultures and how every place is so different. The unique cities I visited opened my eyes to the wondrous places that exist on this earth. I used to think that a few hundred years old was old and ancient, until I went to Europe, where that would be considered new. The tomb of Alexander the Great’s father was by far the most interesting thing I will have ever see in my lifetime. I cannot believe the history that I learned while abroad and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to do so.

Traveling abroad with one of my best friends also was one of the things I enjoyed most about this trip. Although I met many new great friends, traveling with someone you know and love being around can make the experience so much better. We did everything together, and just the fact that it was in a foreign country made it that much more enjoyable.

I loved meeting all of the new people from Ohio State as well. This trip introduced me to twenty more people that I never would have met if it was not for this trip. Being in a foreign country with people that you do not know can be challenging, but seeing them every day and exploring the island with them led to great friendships that I still have today.

The best part about this trip for me was the food. Before Greece, I was the pickiest eater in the world, hated all sauces, never tried lettuce, and barely ate anything except plain pasta and grilled cheese. Yet in Greece, I realized that now was the time to expand my horizon and palate and try new things to eat. I now love salad, and am not afraid to try new foods, even if I do not like it, at least now I give it a try.

All in all, this trip and these experiences have impacted my life in a very positive way. Now I am more open to people I do not know, and it is easier for me to make new friends. I am happy to share my experience with anyone who wants to know what traveling abroad is like. I love all the new foods that I tried in Greece, and I cannot wait to travel back to the wonderful island of Corfu some day. 

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  1. It sounds like your time abroad definitely broadened your perspectives not only in terms of culture but also in regard to trying new things.

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