London Summer 2015 Study Abroad

My STEP signature project was a study abroad trip over the summer 2015 to London, England for nine weeks. I also had the opportunity to have two weekends trips as well to Ireland and Paris, France.

My view on the world has transformed tremendously since my STEP study abroad trip. I am very eager to get back to Europe and other countries to travel around. You hear all these stories that make you somewhat afraid to travel in a foreign country but as long as your smart and aware of your surroundings, its amazing, addicting, and very exciting. This opportunity has created a dream for me to explore the world.

My STEP study abroad trip was based in London for the summer. But while I was there I had the opportunity to also travel to Ireland and Paris, France for two weekends. There were also day trips to difference places in England such as Windsor castle, Stonehenge, Bath, and Brighton.

The trips to Ireland and Paris, France really enhanced my thirst for travel. The Ireland trip was self planned with friends I had met abroad. After the success of the trip it gave me great confidence in my ability to plan my own trip, successfully travel on my own, and be on my own without supervision. Next weekend trip was to Paris, France. This trip was planned by the school I was enrolled in so this trip was semi supervised. The trip showed me that travel between countries can be as simple as a two-hour train ride. As well as the fact that the fact that the trip was semi supervised so we had a Residence Advisor with us to contact if there was an emergency but we were left to explore the city however we wanted. I gained the confidence to navigate myself around a city that spoke a different language.

The day trips were a difference kind of adventure. I got to explore different parts of England and see how easy to navigate the railway systems that are a huge part of European culture. In a matter of a few hours I can visit someplace completely different from London and then go back that same night. Some of the day trips were provided by the school but others were planned by myself and a few friends.

My STEP study abroad experience has changed my life for the better and now I can easily adjust to new cultures because I have the experience. It has brought me wondrous memories and relationships with people all over the world. If I had the opportunity, I would 110% do it all over again.IMG_7128 IMG_6893

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  1. Maggie – thank you for sharing. Great that you took the opportunity to explore beyond London as long as you were in Europe.

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